Employment agreement

Abstract: Today I will be taking a document that all of us in our lifetimes at least once in our careers come across yes exactly, I am talking about the employment agreement. Introduction The employer-employee relationship has always been a topic of legal discussion. It has constantly been evolved and witnessed many changes in the... Continue Reading →


Im pretty sure you would have heard in news or in your daily life that XYZ has been served with a legal notice or ever thought why do such a thing exists in our system! Dont worry I am here to help your concepts get clear in a very easy manner, just read this article... Continue Reading →

Landmark Judgements Series

INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION v. v. P. SHANTHA & OTHERSAIR 1996 SC 550: 1995 sec (6) 651 The question to be decided in thfs interesting case was Whether medical profession (doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) fall Within purview of the Consumer Protection Act.To file a case under this act person who buys goods or hires or... Continue Reading →

Death Penalty Day in Nirbhaya Case

Death penalty day in Nirbhaya Case: Justice delayed Is Justice denied This case being in one of the cases which need no Introduction or no Facts which shook the nation , after seven years of incident justice was done and was remains in the heart of every citizen of India. This case delivered many felony... Continue Reading →

Why reforms are necessary in the UN and especially in security group and role of India in the same?

The UNITED NATIONS was set up, 75 years ago, with the principal aim of maintaining world peace and security. It has been successful in the decolonization process and preventing another World War. However, the 21st century world is very different from that 20th century and poses many new problems and realities. The present humanitarian and economic losses associated with COVID... Continue Reading →

Consumer Protection Act 2019 – Brief

In India Sellers were the most vulnerable to the sellers as the principle followed was Caveat Emptor that is the purchaser beware but after the 19th century the principle changed Caveat venditor that is seller beware. The Consumer protection Act 1986 paved a way for the same by protecting the consumers and served its purpose... Continue Reading →

Why Tulu Language needs to be recognised immediately.

Today as I am writing this Article , there are two Hashtags trending on twitter they are as follows: #TuluTo8thSchedule #TuluOffficiaInKA_KL we full further look why is it trending and the constitutional provisions: What is TULU? TULU is a Dravidian language spoken in the Karnataka in the coastal region that is Tulunadu region and parts... Continue Reading →

Delhi Riots and Violence, Shaheen Bagh

Delhi riots and violence ,Shaheen bagh Last year the entire world watched the capital Delhi not only burning with fire but with hate speeches, provocation , communal aggression , political vendetta and lack of authentic knowledge are the chief reasons which i think led to the present protests which became violent riots during which 53 people were killed and a minimum of 581 were injured. The riots showed was... Continue Reading →

Benami property

India stood at 86th rank in the Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index this shows how corruption is deep rooted in the system. Right to Live Happily and with dignity is guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution but due to massive corruption, our ranking in Happiness index is very low. The  BENAMI TRANSACTIONS (PROHIBITION) ACT,... Continue Reading →

COVID 19 & Labour : opportunities and Challenges ahead for them

COVID -19  or specifically to say THE WUHAN VIRUS  has led the world to feeble position at time when the whole world was dealing with their own internal matters .CHINA’s first case was traced back to November 17 2019 but was never known to the world as Chinese government silenced the whistleblowers and downplayed the... Continue Reading →

Right to Protest Vs. Right to Mobility

1.Right to protest vs Right to mobility: India’s freedom struggle defines the importance of protest in the Indian Independence movement. Recently Haryana CM went to Hisar for inaugurating a 500-bed hospital for covid 19 patients ,the cops stopped the farmers from proceeding towards the venue, clashes ensued, with police personnel resorting to lathi-charge and firing tear... Continue Reading →

Laws about child sexual abuses.

Child abuse is prevalent all over the world mostly in the developing and underdeveloped countries , abuse can be of many forms Maltreatment (including violent punishment), Bullying (including cyber-bullying), Youth violence , Intimate partner violence (or domestic violence), Sexual violence , Emotional or psychological violence. Restricting to child sexual abuses here we will first see who is... Continue Reading →

Police Reforms

According to Article 246 of the Indian Constitution, ‘Police’ comes on the State List of the Seventh Schedule, and it is beyond the jurisdiction of the respective State Governments to make laws governing the police in their State. However. The NCT of Delhi, under Article 239 AA, has been given a special status, which gives powers... Continue Reading →

Covid 19 and the Bankers in India

As covid curbs loosens all over India and people are finally getting a sigh of relief , there stands another problem standing at the doors of the people and Government of India that is the Vaccination of population of 1.38 billon and expected to overtake China by 2030 . The vaccination drive started with a... Continue Reading →

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