National Human Rights Commission:Composition, Powers and Functions

Abstract : 1. Composition of National Human Rights Commission. 2. Functions of Human Rights Commission. 3. Powers of Human Rights Commission. Article: • Section 3 in The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 deals with the constitution of the NHRC Constitution of a National Human Rights Commission.— (1) The Central Government shall constitute a body... Continue Reading →

Role of State Human Rights Commission

Abstract : 1. Introduction . 2. Constitution of State Human Rights Commission . 3. Appointment of Chairperson and Members of State Commission . 4. Resignation and Removal of Chairperson and Members of State Commission. 5. Salary and Allowances 6. Functions of State Human Rights Commission. 7. Powers of SHRC. 8. Achievements of SHRC. 9. Conclusion.... Continue Reading →

Composition, Powers and Functions of National Commission for Women.

Abstract: 1. Composition of National commission for women. 2. Term of office and conditions of service of chairperson and members. 3. Powers of NCW. 4. Functions of NCW Article: • Composition of the National Commission for Women: Section 3 in The National Commission for Women Act, 1990 3. Constitution of the National Commission for Women.-... Continue Reading →

Composition, Powers and Functions of National Commission for Men

Abstract : 1. Introduction 2. When Laws Say Men’s Rights are NOT Human Rights 3. Domestic violence laws 4. Child custody laws and visitation laws work against men 5. Gender biased rape laws in India 6. What needs to be done to change the situation 7. Men’s Rights are also Human Rights 8. Men in... Continue Reading →

Composition, Powers and Functions of SC/ST Commission.

Abstract: 1. Introduction 2. Article 338 in the Constitution of India 1949. 3. Composition of National Commission for Scheduled Castes. 4. Powers of SC Commission 5. Functions of SC Commission. 6. Composition of National Commission for Scheduled Tribes. 7. Powers of ST Commission. 8. Functions of ST Commission. Article: • Introduction: 1. Article 338 of... Continue Reading →

Role of Civil Societies and Media.

Abstract: • What is media? • Role of Media in society. • Meaning, importance and Role of Civil society. • Concept of civil society. • Conclusion. Article: What is media ? Power of speech is a bliss to man. It is a pleasure to listen to people and to express the feelings of one and... Continue Reading →

Group Rights Prisoners.

Abstract: 1. Prison 2. Prisoner 3. UN Charter 4. India Law 5. The Prisons Act, 1894 6. The Prisons Act, 1990 7. Conclusion Article: Prison: 1. A Place of confinement for the safe custody of persons; a goal. [Whart.].  2. Includes any place which has been declared by a State Government, by general or special order, to... Continue Reading →

Group Rights Women and Children

Abstract : 1. Chid Rights 2. Some of the most important rights to children 3. Women's rights 4. Women-specific legislation 5. Women-related legislation 6. Some of the most important rights to women 7. Conclusion. Article: Child Rights : Includes the children's rights adopted in the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child on... Continue Reading →

Group Rights Indigenous People .

Abstract: 1. Indigenous people 2. Indigenous rights 3. Protection under law for Indigenous Group 4. Rights of Indigenous People in India Article: Indigenous people: Indigenous peoples, also referred to as First peoples, First nations, Aboriginal peoples, Native peoples, Indigenous natives, or Autochthonous peoples (these terms are often capitalized when referring to specific indigenous peoples as ethnic groups, nations, and the members of these... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Act ,1993.

Review of literature: • Human Rights • What is Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993? • Introduction of Human Rights • Objectives of Human Rights • Kinds of Human Rights • National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) • State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) Article: Human Rights: 1. Means the rights relating to life, liberty, equality and... Continue Reading →

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