Domestic violence

Part -2 Provisions of the Act Who can file the complaint The complaint has been filed by the “aggrieved person” which is defined under Section 2  of the Act. It defines any woman who lives with the respondent under the same roof and the respondent attempt violence upon her. It may be physical or mental.... Continue Reading →


Protection Order(Section 18) The Magistrate after hearing both the parties if magistrate satisfied that domestic violence has taken place or it may chance to take place certain incident relating with Domestic Violence them Magistrate may pass the protection order and prohibit the respondent from- Committing any harmful act which affects the aggrieved physically and mentally,... Continue Reading →


Part-1 Introduction Gone the days when our society gave preference to men. Men are known as bread earner and heads of the family. Women were not so much eligible at that time but now the situation has changed. Now they have the power to compete in the world. They have the power to balance all... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence

                                                             Introduction Part-1 In our society, the torture of women was common for a long time. They were victims of domestic violence.  They were harassed physically as well as mentally.  Domestic violence affects the women in respective of their age, religion, caste, or class. It not only affects the person and her children but also... Continue Reading →

The Farms Acts 2020

There are three bills passed namely   Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, Farmers (empowerment and Protection )  Bill, Essential Commodities Act A)Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill 1. This act is enacted by the central government. It gives freedom to sell and buy the farm product at any place in the... Continue Reading →

Patent invalidation search

Patent Invalidation Search is used to assess the validity of granted patent. It is also known as patent   validity study . It is done by arguing with patent authority that claim of patent is not novel or obvious at the time of filing .The main objective of patent invalidation is to revoke the already registered... Continue Reading →

Trademark Portfolio Management

Introduction Trademark Portfolio Management is management relating with trademark or service mark. It includes different task like renewal of registration ,infringement litigation, restoration of trademark from trade register, profitability of the business, purchase and sale of registered trademark Trademark Portfolio Management services -The qualities , which make our trademark portfolio management services excellent and reliable... Continue Reading →

Trademark Designing

A trademark designing is name, level , icon that give the idea about the company  product , service, standard etc. It is used as unique symbol and the assets of the company which make difference among identical product . Some important points  It  protect the uniqueness of the productIt helps in development of the Business... Continue Reading →

Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act

Overview The securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securities Interest Act, 2000 is an India Law. This Law is Used to recover the loan and to auction residential and commercial properties. This Law does not apply at the time of Unsecured Loan, Loan which is below the 100,000 or where the debt is below the 20%... Continue Reading →

Trademark Registration

Trademark is an Intellectual Property of a business. It is a visual representation in various form like name, label, device, numeric character etc. Once a trademark of particular goods is registered it becomes untouchable. In India, the trademark gets registered by the controller General Patent Design Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.... Continue Reading →

A battle between Government and Social Media 

  Highlights-  Many companies like Google, Facebook, whats App, Linkedin are ready to accept the rule Twitter has fought against the new It Rules 2021 with the Government of India The rules apply to those companies which have more than 50 Lakh users. It helps the victim at the time of misuse   fACT Different type... Continue Reading →

General principal of trial for Protection of children from sexual offence Act

 This Act has brought by the Government under the special Law, which came into effect on 14th November 2012. This law protects children from the offence of sexual harassment, Pornography, sexual assault. This Act safeguards the interest of the child at every stage of the Judicial Process by incorporating a child-friendly mechanism for reporting, recording... Continue Reading →

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