Ironically, the fear bunch Taliban gets its name from the word 'understudies' and they initially began to take structure during the 1990s in Northern Pakistan, soon after the Soviets got back from Afghanistan. It is a strict gathering that additionally passes by the name Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Instead of their dominatingly known picture, the... Continue Reading →


Martial law is a law that's managed by the authorities and is usually proclaimed in a crisis or a reaction to an emergency. It can be declared in times of crisis when the civil authority can no longer function, the concept of Martial law can be unstable. It can be used to control society during... Continue Reading →

Nullity of Marriage in India

Marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock may be a culturally recognized union between people called spouses. It establishes rights and obligations between them. Most important and life- long time commitment. According to law Marriage is the legal status, condition or relationship that results from a contract by which one man and one woman, who have the capacity... Continue Reading →

Animal Rights In India Needs A Change

Recently in Kerala, where the literate population is the highest in the country. A pregnant elephant was allegedly killed after being fed pineapple stuffed with crackers by a local while it was roaming in a village called Malappuram. The elephant died standing in the river because its lower jaw was severely injured due to the bursting of... Continue Reading →

Indian Young Lawyers Association v. State of Kerala ALSO KNOW AS THE “SABARIMALA JUDGEMENT”

Sabarimala is an ancient temple where it is dedicated to “Lord Ayyappa”, the God of growth. It is believed that he meditated at Sabarimala temple and became one with the divine. That followed an old custom in which a man has to undergo the 41 days vratham practice undertaken by the pilgrims referred to as ‘Ayyappans’ where... Continue Reading →

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