Bitcoin and other Crypto-currency World

Some months back, looking at the growing trend many of my friends suggested me to invest in Bitcoin. I didn’t take it seriously at the time and in the last month it saw a 30% decline in the crypto-currencies. From various sources we can conclude that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are very volatile in nature.... Continue Reading →

IT rules 2021

The foundation to the new Information Technology, 2021 rules is found to be grounded in the Information and Technology Act, 2000. These rules are a subordinate legislation of India’s Intermediary Guidelines rules, 2011. These rules are formed and supported with the help of Central government of India, Ministry of electronics and Information technology (MietY) and... Continue Reading →

Adventure to twin mountains

I often go for treks, hikes and camping, many of the times I am asked by some of our groups members that, which was my best adventure? Well to tell you the truth every next trek is the BEST trek. It might sound corny but for me the best things about the journey is the... Continue Reading →

Ubi jus ibi remedium

Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium is a legal maxim in latin, which literally says that – where there is a wrong there is a remedy. Which means if any wrongful act is committed by the person and there is a breach of the rights of the other individual, a remedy is to be provided or else... Continue Reading →

Do you believe in creator of life?

Do you believe in the creator of life? Which Religion do you believe? Is there a supreme being over us? Such questions always had lingered in our mind atleast one’s in our lifetime. Before, at the start of my teens I had a very clear vision towards religion in life. I never knew about the... Continue Reading →

Religious reforms during colonialism

Consequences of British colonialism led a rising tide of nationalism and democracy among the people of India, they started to look at education, culture with a different outlook and brought religious and social reform after 1858. National leaders like Swami Vivekanand, Keshub Chandra Sen, justice Ranade tried to bring the nationalist sentiments in the Indians.... Continue Reading →

affect of colonialism on the social values of India

COLONIALISMS EFFECT ON CULTURE AND SOCIAL REFORMS The effect of colonialism brought the Indians towards modern lines of  western thought. 3These reforms were had largely been the effort of newly educated higher castes of Indian society. In the time Ideas and ideals of the reformers won almost universal acceptance and now they are enshrined in... Continue Reading →


Remember when Tesla created a thunderstorm wave in the cryptocurrency world, when they publicly stated their invested amount in Dogecoin ( a cryptocurrency). And everyone started talking about investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, while suddenly the prices start to fall. What a mess it was! Well let’s understand it together and figure out if... Continue Reading →

Lieutenant Governor not Arvind Kejriwal the new ruler of Delhi

On 28th march 2021 our president gave assent to the the new National Capital Territory (amendment) Act 2021.The government of National capital territory (amendment) Bill was introduced on 15th March 2021 in Lok sabha. It amends the National Capital Territory of Delhi Act 1991. This act provides, framework for the functioning of the National capital... Continue Reading →

The man who went for a walk and never returned

It’s a real life incident which took place in a city of Jharkhand in Dhanbad where a district and session judge sri Uttam Anand was cold bloodedly murdered. On July 28th Judge uttam anand went for a morning walk, never to return home. He was killed in a road accident after a three-wheeler/ auto-rickshaw rammed... Continue Reading →

Workmen of Dimakuchi tea estate V. Management of Dimakuchi Tea Estate 1958 AIR 353 SC

Facts of the case Appelants are the workmen of Dimakuchi tea estate represented by Assam karmachari sangha,  Dibrugarh and the respondents are Management of Dimakuchi Tea Estate. K.P Banerjee was appointed as assistant medical officer, however his appointment was subject to satisfactory medical report and was on probation for 3 months where his suitability for... Continue Reading →


White sheep, white sheep,On a blue hill,When the wind stops,You all stand still.When the wind blows,You walk away slow.White sheep, white sheep,Where do you go? Aishwarya Says: I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we... Continue Reading →

How to live life without complicating it

For some reason, us human beings tend to make things more complicated than they are. The ongoing battle between the mind and the heart creates many doubts. Choices are mostly made only after they’re well-thought-out and even the fire of passion can be put on a lower heat when the brain overtakes the heart So... Continue Reading →

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a spyware created by the NSO group, which is an Israeli based firm. It was initially created to spy the phones of palestanian terrorists. This software helps the user to hack into any phone, record and view the audio and video through the camera and microphone of the gadget. In 2019 a case... Continue Reading →

Education during the british era

EDUCATION Education under the colonial rule was a design to legitimize colonial domination, in a way to justify the colonial rule and to take advantage of their economic needs. the western thought and education brought cultural transformation in India. The education policy of british was to control the masses instead of developing them. INDIGENEOUS EDUCATION... Continue Reading →

Difference of Ideologies between Bose and Gandhi

Everyone knows Netaji’s ideologies differed from Mahatma Gandhi’s approach to oust the British rule in India. But do you know Gandhiji once called Netaji “ patriot of patriots”. They did have some differences in their approach, but their mission was the same. Netaji was a soldier, while Gandhiji was a spokesperson. However some experts say... Continue Reading →

Leaked Pandora’s box

there's a leaked pandora's box, help me seal the lock Or all the lies will get away. There was a pinocchio who lied to everyone and he faced the consequence. it's mysterious how, this life thing goes on, And finally tucks in our bed. Therefore no more lies, just hold on tight, And be normal... Continue Reading →

M.C Mehta : One Man Enviro-legal Brigade

Mahesh Chandra Mehta a lawyer by profession is a committed environmentalist by choice, and has won many landmark judgements from India’s Supreme court from 1984.He has made his fight to protect the Indian environment his never-ending mission. He has pioneered legal activism for environment protection and is a proof of making a difference. M.C. Mehta... Continue Reading →

jelly fish

Visible, invisible,A fluctuating charm,An amber-colored amethystInhabits it; your armApproaches, andIt opens andIt closes;You have meantTo catch it,And it shrivels;You abandonYour intent—It opens, and itCloses and youReach for it—The blueSurrounding itGrows cloudy, andIt floats awayFrom you. Aishwarya Says: I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this... Continue Reading →

Role of Non- State Actors in International Relation – II

continue from part - I National Liberation Movement:Individuals give loyalty to and identify themselves with ethno-national groups besides nation-states. “Many people pledge their primary allegiances not to the state and government that rules them, but rather to their ethno-national group which shares a common civilization, language, cultural tradition, and ties of kinship”. As a result... Continue Reading →

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