What is a State?

Article 12 defines the term ‘State’ as used in different Articles of Part III of the Constitution. It says that … More

Divorce under Muslim Law

INTRODUCTION Amongst all nations of antiquity, divorce was regarded as natural corollary of marital rights. Islam is the first religion … More

Society and Technology

Society and Technology A society is an organised group of person associated together for the purpose such as social, political … More

Equality before Law

Introduction Article 14 to 18 of the Constitution guarantees the right to equality to every citizen of India. Article 14 … More

Human Development Index

Human Development Index Although economies were able to articulate differences between growth and development, it took some more time when … More


DEGLOBALISATION Globalisation refers to the economic, social and political integration of nations. Economic globalisation can be seen in the exchange … More

India’s Nuclear Programme

Atomic Energy is the energy produced by atoms, which is also referred as Nuclear Energy. It is created during nuclear … More

Economic Reforms

On July 23 1991, India launched a process of economic reforms in response to a fiscal and balance of payment … More

Public Expenditure

Public expenditure is spending made by the government of a country on collective needs and wants such as pension, provision, … More