FOREIGN EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT ACT (FEMA): FOREIGN BORROWINGS Earlier since April 2021, the provisions of the act of foreign exchange management,1999 became a subject of discussion when the Enforcement Directorate (ED) declared to initiate an inquiry at preliminary stage for the purpose of examining the overseas borrowings by one Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) on the note... Continue Reading →

case study: kulbhushan jadhav

CASE STUDY: KULBHUSHAN JADHAV  In april 2017, Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav was charged with the allegations of involvement in terrorism and espionage activities and consequently was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court. India challenged the sentence and approached the International court of justice on the claim of revival against breach by Pakistan and denying consular... Continue Reading →

constitution day

CONSTITUTION DAY The day Constitution of India was adopted is widely recognised and celebrated as Constitution Day in India. Also known as Samvidhan Diwas and National Law Day, this day commemorates the formal recognition of the Constitution by constituent assembly. 26th November 1949, the day in question started to be celebrated soon after the decision of Ministry of Social... Continue Reading →

uniform age of marriage

UNIFORM AGE OF MARRIAGE The Union government has indicated its inclination towards reconsideration of a uniform marriage by setting up a committee. The current minimum age for women to legally marry is 18 and for men it's 21. The difference of age factor to legalize the marriage that exists in the society is somewhere a... Continue Reading →

voice vote

VOICE VOTE  The Constitution of India provides the authorities, that are inherent of recognition, with special powers to exercise with denomination of situations that hold the potential of disturbing the objective of upholding social interest.The proceedings in general involves the practice where the speaker specifically puts questions and open it for the members to vote... Continue Reading →

women in defence

WOMEN IN DEFENCE Recently, one of its first case was witnessed where two women officers were selected to undergo the pilot (Helicopter) training in the Army Aviation Corps. The selected officers are prospected to join the front-line duties as flying heads as soon as they'll complete their training sessions by July, 2022. The Army aviation... Continue Reading →

Sessions of parliament

Article 85 of the constitution of india provides the power to summon the session of parliament, of which convener power rests inherently with the Government. Several other procedural formalities have to be fulfilled prior to the initiation of the session such as formalization of Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs by the President to decide the factors... Continue Reading →

model code of conduct

MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT Model code of conduct are directory set of guidelines issued under the authority of the Election commission to regulate the conduct and activities of Political candidates and respective parties prior to the elections with respect to factors such as speeches, polling day, polling booths, portfolios, election manifestos, processions and general conduct.... Continue Reading →

finance bill

FINANCE BILL Article 110 of the Constitution of India defines the Money bills and specifies the concepts touching. The finance bill is also considered as a specie of the Money Bills ,which is expressly included in the union budget as an important part of it dealing with certainly legal amendments which are required for the changes in taxation schemes and policies. The authority... Continue Reading →

Mercy Petition

One of the alternative reliefs for the accused convicted in any case for the review or relaxation in the sentence/penalty apart from those provided in the various enactments such as appeal probation etc is the power to seek pardon that is entrusted with the President and Governors through the Constitution of India. The power aforementioned... Continue Reading →

continuing criminality in politics

CONTINUING CRIMINALITY IN POLITICS The politicians of any country are the elected group of individuals inherent with the trust of the society they're responsible towards. It's the legislature collectively (Nation and state) of the country that ensures the rights of the individuals are safeguarded and the flow of democracy is maintained. As a position of... Continue Reading →


CRYPTOCURRENCYCryptocurrencies were first introduced back in 2008 which further within a short span of time gained massive significance and attracted the techies from all around the world. Since its first creation the very idea of Cryptocurrency was appreciated by many for the expansion of its means in accordance with the thoughts and solitary plans. The... Continue Reading →

role of technology in law enforcement

ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN LAW ENFORCEMENT The executive officials and police officers are supposed to hold the responsibility to maintain Law and order situation in the society to ensure the safety of each individual with active yet seem-less actions to escape the disruption in routine lives of citizens which often becomes more of a challenge... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Hate Crime

THE CONCEPT OF HATE CRIME Criminal activities done by/against Individuals/group of individuals which are more than often motivated by hatred for the identity of the victim, inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender, beliefs or class as background ,are such crimes which showcase the psychological settled position of outlook that compel the commitment of acts to circle the... Continue Reading →

Tribunal Diversity (Part 2)

 ~ REASONS FOR LACK OF DIVERSITY ~ There can be no exhaustive list for confining the reasons for lack of diversity amongst members of an arbitration tribunal with reasons varying from gender inequality to economic differences. The factors so mentioned may be concerning but not solitary by any means. While highlighting the issue of increase in... Continue Reading →

Tribunal Diversity (part 1)

TRIBUNAL DIVERSITY - [ PART 1 ]~  ABSTRACT ~For a healthy loop of democracy ,its authorities must be securely influential in engaging with the ones they represent. The mechanism upholding the law with the consideration of Judiciary on the one hand and tribunals or the other, the subject foundationally appears to be concatenated provided the workforce area... Continue Reading →

Religion Diversity (Brief Outlook)

Thorough observations from 'Global' point of view highlight that specific groups of people hailing from individual countries usually practice religion in common at a larger scale ,lastly making the country religiously dominant. There are evidently handful of countries worldwide with active population practicing more than 2 to 4 religions and contributing significant amount of belief diversity... Continue Reading →

How are Cyclones Named ?

NAMING OF CYCLONES Following the series of destruction caused by recent cyclones across several Indian states from Tauktae, formed over the Arabian Sea which hit the western coast in May 2021 and caused massive damage in Maharashtra and Gujarat to another cyclonic storm formed in the Bay of Bengal, known as cyclone Yaas, the discussion... Continue Reading →

Status of Marriage in personal laws

STATUS OF MARRIAGE IN PERSONAL LAWS Marriage is generally considered a cultural and legal recognition of union between two people, which binds them with several responsibilities, rights and obligations towards each other and their dependents. The Concept of marriage when tracked to the foundational element can be found to be considered a cultural affair where... Continue Reading →

Electricity Theft

ABSTRACTJust as the name suggests, the electricity theft is basically the theft of electrical power which hails from the section of non-technical losses for which several punishments attract inclusive of fines and incarceration. The criminal practice of electricity theft is rampantly increasing in developing countries with global cost of around $89.3 billion every year affecting the public... Continue Reading →

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