L THE WHAT AND WHY OF BAIL? Bail is not defined under the CrPC however, we always believe in “innocent until proven guilty” but despite this basic concept of the criminal justice system the accused is arrested and denied his right to personal liberty. Long trial and delayed justice mar the concept where the accused... Continue Reading →


The Bar Council of India is a legal body made by Parliament to control and address the Indian bar. They fill the administrative role by endorsing principles of expert direction and behavior and by practicing disciplinary ward over the bar. They additionally set guidelines for legitimate instruction and awards acknowledgment to universities whose degrees in... Continue Reading →


In the current world, we can see innovation has been a necessary piece of our lives. It most certainly assumes a significant part in our everyday life. Innovation has definitely expanded at a high-speed growing new contraption often. From early on to advanced age, we see everybody utilizing electronic contraptions. It very well may be... Continue Reading →


There have been different endeavors to concentrate on the air quality in Indian urban areas. The capability of climatic cancer-causing emanations to put human wellbeing in danger has been concentrated by Gurjra, Mohan, and Sidhu (1996). Gurjar, Aardenne, Lelieveld, et al. (2004) outlined a far-reaching discharge stock model to comprehend the emanation patterns in Delhi,... Continue Reading →


The point of the Criminal Justice System is to punish the liable and protect the innocent. Albeit the expansive forms of the Criminal equity framework are only occasionally arranged, these can be surmised from various resolutions, including the Constitution and legal proclamations. In a popularity-based edified society, the Criminal Justice System is relied upon to... Continue Reading →


Under the ICA, the word ‘bailment’ implies a relationship in which the personal property of one person is temporarily handed over into the possession of another. Eg – Delivering a watch for repair, depositing luggage in a cloakroom, delivering garments to a dry-cleaner, delivering gold to a goldsmith to male ornaments, etc. S.148: A ‘bailment’... Continue Reading →

What is a consideration in an Indian Contract?

The concept of consideration categorizes as a benefit that is bargained between the parties. It is a very important ingredient to form a valid contract. Consideration holds value and is paid to the party on the performance of the contract, and consideration can be of a variety of forms, it can form an act, promise,... Continue Reading →

The right to privacy in the age of emotional AI

Emotional artificial intelligence (EAI) is exceptionally another idea among people and innovation, and it includes PCs evaluating words and pictures, signals, voice, and different articulations. It envelops machines, perusing internal heat levels, pulses, mind cues, and other substantial practices. The natural and fundamental parts of security concerns are individuals' independence, pride, assent, maltreatment of individual... Continue Reading →

COVID-19 crisis and its impact on courts

COVID-19 has already impacted every sector and, the COVID-19 crisis had additionally truly affected the typical working of justice administration in India, as in different nations, and tossed a spanner in the method of ordinary working of courts. Not just in the Apex Court and high courts in every one of the conditions of the... Continue Reading →

Difference between Emotion Recognition in AI and Humans

Emotions play a significant role in our existence, and it defines humans as to who we are, and they shape our lives in a way that help us in determining what is worthy of our attention. They play a crucial part in perceiving, thinking, seeing, and reasoning about people and things around us. All this... Continue Reading →

Elections in India and its importance in Democracy

India is the biggest democracy in the world, and the elections of India are the biggest political race work out. Individuals of India straightforwardly choose the Prime Minister by taking part in the General/Lok Sabha races at regular intervals. Since India has taken on the bicameral arrangement of lawmaking bodies, the parliament is made out... Continue Reading →

Importance of Law in a society

Law is vital for a society for it serves as a norm of conduct for citizens. It was additionally made to accommodate legitimate rules and requests upon the conduct of all residents and to support the value of the three branches of the government. It keeps society running. Without law, there would be tumult and... Continue Reading →

Should robots have rights?

If we talk about robots rights with the people, then maybe it is unthinkable, or they will deny such rights, and the argument often made by most people is because of the way people think about the technology, to begin with, there is an underlying question to which people already have a subconscious answer in... Continue Reading →

Poverty in India: Facts and Figures

Two-thirds of people in India live in neediness or poverty: 68.8% of the Indian populace lives on under $2 per day. More than 30% even have under $1.25 each day accessible - they are viewed as incredibly poor. This makes the Indian subcontinent probably the least fortunate country on the planet; women and children, the... Continue Reading →

India’s Foreign Policy in 2021

Like some other nations, India's international strategy or foreign policy imagines augmenting its effective reach, improving its role across countries, and causing its essence to feel like an arising power. The year 2021 presents a lot of difficulties and opens doors in a quest for satisfying foreign policy objectives. For example, the rise of China... Continue Reading →

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence?

Advantages: - Reduce in human error The expression "human error" was conceived on the grounds that people commit errors every now and then. Computers notwithstanding, don't commit these errors assuming they are modified appropriately. With Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter, ‘AI’), the choices are taken from the recently accumulated data applying a specific arrangement of calculations. So,... Continue Reading →

Why is the age of marriage different for men and women? The debate

The Delhi High Court took up a request that looked for a uniform period of marriage for both men and women. A bench containing Chief Justice D N Patel and Justice C Hari Shankar gave a notification to the Center and the Law Commission of India, looking for their reaction to the public interest case... Continue Reading →

Social development efforts that will take India forward

                           Though India is at the cusp of progress, there is as yet quite far to go in working on the wellbeing and financial status of its residents. A run-through of its national profile shows an India that is exponentially developing, yet its adverse consequences are a worry. Also, still bigger pieces of the country... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons why gender equality is important in society

Gender equality appears to be a distant dream nowadays. While progress has been made, the numbers from bunches like UN Women recount a discouraging story. Over 2 billion women don't have similar work choices as men. At the current rate, it will take about a century to close the worldwide compensation hole. While illegal exploitation... Continue Reading →


The idea of not going to college and learning at home has sounded engaging all of the time until it is executed appropriately. Attending classes from home while spending time and energy with family is more difficult than going to classes in person at a college. Be that as it may, e-learning is certainly not... Continue Reading →

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