what is net worth of a company?

Net worth of Company This article seeks to elucidate the concept of difference between Theft and Extortion Introduction Do you frequently hear people use this phrase? especially when notable figures and their financial worth are discussed in newspapers, business magazines, and finance journals! This quick guide will assist you if you want to find out... Continue Reading →

what is Abridged Prospectus

ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS This article seeks to elucidate the concept of Abridged Prospectus. INTRODUCTION: Prior to investing in a security, it is essential to gather thorough information on it. Additionally, it concerns investors' access to comprehensive information about a securities offering. A prospectus is quite helpful in this regard. A prospectus is a document that covers... Continue Reading →

What is Shelf Prospectus?

Shelf Prospectus This article seeks to elucidate the concept of shelf Prospectus. Introduction Any company that you are familiar with and whose products you use will eventually provide new offerings, you can be sure of that. In most businesses, it is an inevitable kind of business expansion, and this is seen as being essential to... Continue Reading →

what is Company Law?

Company Law This article seeks to elucidate the concept of Company Law. What is Company Law? The set of laws, rules, regulations, and procedures that regulate the establishment and functioning of companies is known as company law. It is the body of legislation that governs the establishment of business-related legal entities. The laws have an... Continue Reading →

Liability for Misstatements in Prospectus

Misstatements in Prospectus This article seeks to elucidate the concept of liability of misstatements in Prospectus. Introduction The purpose of this article is to examine the liability for misstatements in the prospectus of a company. Before going to the details of liability, a brief overview of the meaning and significance of the prospectus would be... Continue Reading →

Voting Rights of Shareholders

Voting rights of shareholders This article seeks to elucidate the concept of voting rights of shareholders. Voting rights of shareholders Investors have specific rights whenever they purchase company shares. Voting on specific corporate issues is one of these important rights. The percentage of his shares in the paid-up equity share capital of the corporation will... Continue Reading →

Application of Companies Act,2013

Application of companies act,2013 Introduction Those that collaborate to accomplish a shared objective are referred to as a "company." There are actually many reasons why people could wish to associate. However, the term "company" as used in the Companies Act of 2013 often refers to partnerships created for commercial objectives, such as operating a business.... Continue Reading →

Equity share capital: What is it?

Equity share capital Equity Share Capital: What Is It? Equity share capital is the money a company raises by selling shares to the public. Risk capital is another name for equity share capital. Companies provide the general public the chance to subscribe for shares in the firm in order to raise the necessary funds. Investors... Continue Reading →

Registered office of a Company

Registered office of Company This article is written by Monika Pilania, a student of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. This article seeks to elucidate the concept of Registered office of a company. Meaning of Registered office The majority of a company's business operations are generally carried out in its registered office. At the time of the... Continue Reading →


►Definition of attempt. An attempt is an intentional preparatory action which fails in the object, which so fails through circumstances independent of the person who seeks its accomplishment. Attempt begins when preparation ends. It is interesting to note that it is nowhere defined in IPC but provides its punishment under section 511 of IPC. ►why... Continue Reading →

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