CITATION: (2021) 9 SCC 191 BENCH:  JUSTICE DR. CHANDRACHAUD  JUSTICE MR. SHAH CASE DESCRIPTION: The present case deals with charges which are levelled against the accused person for rioting and interrupting in the process of election conduction. Here the accused was convicted under section 323,307,147,149 and 379 of the IPC. FACTS OF THE CASE: On... Continue Reading →


CITATION: (2021) 5 SCC 638 BENCH: JUSTICE AM KHANWILKAR  JUSTICE INDU MALHOTRA JUSTICE AJAY RASTOGI CASE DESCRIPTION: The Supreme Court in the present case declined to issue directions to the Centre and UPSC to grant an extra attempt to aspirants who had exhausted their last attempt at the prestigious civil service exam. FACTS OF THE... Continue Reading →

The Harms of Dowry and Cruelty

Women's crime is rising. Only if those entrusted with executing the law are made aware of women's hardships can the protection provided by the Indian Constitution and other laws be meaningful. Dowry: The Indian Penal Code does not describe dowry; instead, the Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961 does. It is defined in section as any... Continue Reading →

India’s Child Marriage

In India, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor. According to the Indian Minor Act, a girl who was 18 years old and a boy who was 21 years old were lawfully married. where it was forbidden to marry a minor. Because there has been an increase in the number of child... Continue Reading →

Cruelty as a Reason to Divorce

Matrimonial issues involve sensitive human and emotional relationships. It necessitates reciprocal respect, esteem, love, and affection, as well as enough room for fair modifications with the spouse. In addition, the partnership must adhere to social conventions. Matrimonial behaviour is now governed by a statute that was drafted with such norms and the changing social order... Continue Reading →


CITATION: (2021) 3 SCC 742 BENCH: JUSTICE SANJAY KISHAN KAUL JUSTICE DINESH MAHESHWARI JUSTICE HRISHIKESH ROY CASE DESCRIPTION: In the present case an army officer’s wife made numerous malicious complaints to his superiors and various authorities. On which the supreme court set aside the judgement of high court and held that these types of conduct... Continue Reading →


CITATION: (2021) 4 SCC 675 BENCH:  JUSTICE D.Y CHANDRACHUD   JUSTICE M.R. SHAH  CASE DESCRIPTION: The problem of joint liability under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, as well as the requirements for it, is the subject of this case. FACTS OF THE CASE: In this case, the first complainant, a lawyer, submitted a... Continue Reading →


BENCH: JUSTICE R.F. NARIMAN JUSTICE B.R. GAVAI CASE DESCRIPTION: The Supreme Court in the present case has held that if a sole proprietor is a habitual resident of another country, the arbitration involving that sole proprietorship is characterized as international commercial arbitration. FACTS OF THE CASE: From 1998, Ravindranath Rao Sindhia and his wife were... Continue Reading →

Panoramic View of the Right to Marry

Introduction One of the universal social institutions is marriage. It is established by human civilization in order to manage and regulate man's life. It is the foundation of a society. One of the universal social institutions is marriage. It is established by human civilization in order to manage and regulate man's life. It's the foundation... Continue Reading →

Protesting is a fundamental right

Introduction When a group, community, or even a single person goes up to protest, it is usually to express their displeasure with or opposition to a state or government action, policy, statement, or another organization. The majority of protests are driven by political waves, which show individuals banding together to demand that the government or... Continue Reading →

Plea Bargaining: A Conceptual Analysis

The Criminal Procedure Code has been updated to include a new chapter, Chapter XXIA, on 'Plea Bargaining.' It was enacted by the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act of 2005, which was passed by the legislature during its winter session. The Indian Criminal Justice System has taken on a new look as a result of this. Some... Continue Reading →

An Insight into Money Laundering

Crime is a necessary evil that must be eradicated. A crime is any act that is prohibited and penalised by the law. It is difficult to define a crime generally because the meaning of the term differs from country to country, and activities that may result in incarceration and punishment in one country may not... Continue Reading →


The term "live-in-relationship" refers to a situation in which two people are living together. Western countries are not strangers to live-in relationships. Some have attempted to describe live-in-relationship by stating that it is a living arrangement in which unmarried couples live together to maintain a long-term connection equivalent to marriage. The fundamental rationale for cohabiting... Continue Reading →

Social Media Laws and its Implications

What Is the Law Regarding social media? The legal landscape surrounding social media is changing. In general, "social media law" refers to the legal difficulties surrounding user-generated information and the online websites that host it "According to Corinne Chen, an associate attorney at the New York law firm Romano Law. Because it encompasses the internet... Continue Reading →

The Necessity Doctrine

Introduction No one should be made a judge in his own case, i.e., no one should be made a judge in his own case. The rule prohibiting bias is what it's called. The authority making the judgement must be comprised of impartial personnel acting fairly, without prejudice or bias, as a minimum criterion of natural... Continue Reading →

One Person Company Concept

In Indian company law, a one-person company is defined as an individual who decides to start a business on his or her own. Entrepreneurs frequently choose to operate as a one-person company in order to maintain control over decisions and work quality. These lone entrepreneurs are also referred to as "solo entrepreneurs." Free agents, freelancers,... Continue Reading →

Corporate Social Responsibility.

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. Everything is inextricably linked to everything else. Only the produce that a guy deserves as a fruit of his labour will be given to him. This is how the virtue of responsibility motivates people to do what is good for others. A decent citizen has a... Continue Reading →

Residential status of Person

Residential Status: – (a) The incidence of tax on any assessee depends upon his residential status under the Act. The residential status of an assessee must be ascertained with reference to each previous year. A person who is resident in one year may become non-resident in another year or vice versa. (b) The residence of... Continue Reading →

Is it natural and normal to be homosexual?

To practically everyone around us, homosexuality is a mental illness that cannot be treated. Homosexuals are always looked down upon as if they were aliens from another planet, but they're never treated with the respect that they are entitled to as fellow humans. People treat homosexuality as abnormality, which is the shame of our Indian... Continue Reading →

Child Custody and Guardianship in India in comparison to western World

Introduction   Child custody and guardianship are legal phrases that characterise the legal and practical relation between a parent and his or her child, including the parent's authority to make decisions for the child and the parent's responsibility to care for the child. The religious distinction in personal laws is a well-known and widely accepted reality.... Continue Reading →

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