Corporate Social Responsibility

  In general companies rely on societal assets to operate efficiently, as they are morally obligated to contribute back to the society. CSR in India has traditionally been seen as a philanthropy activity. As some observers have pointed out, the practice of CSR in India still remains within the philanthropic space, but has moved from... Continue Reading →

Right of Member to Copies of audited financial statement-

INTRODUCTION- The term “Company” basically means an association of a number of persons for some common object or objects. The purposes for which people may wish to make a company might differ. Buti in Legal terms, the meaning of the company might slightly differ, but not the purpose of the company, so, here a company... Continue Reading →


The Companies Act,2013 is a broad detailed legislation which basically governs the incorporation, dissolution, and functioning of the company. Mainly, it focuses on the pellucidity by way of detailed disclosures. Financial statement, Board’s report,etc has been mentioned under section 134 of Chapter IX of Companies Act,2013. Financial reporting is necessary for companies as it provides... Continue Reading →

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