Critical Review of Digital Marketing

Introduction- Marketing is a restless, changing, and dynamic business activity. The role of marketing itself has changed dramatically due to various crises - material and energy shortages, inflation, economic recessions, high unemployment, dying industries, dying companies, terrorism and war, andeffects due to rapid technological changes in certain industries. Such changes, including theinternet, have forced today’s... Continue Reading →

Rights of person with Disabilities

Today disabled persons' constitute the largest minority in the world; more than 650million individuals i.e. 10 percent of the world's total population suffer from some type ofdisability. In the majority of countries, at least 1 out of 10 persons has a physical, mental orsensory impairment. In India more than 50 million of the people are... Continue Reading →

Transgender Athletes in Sex-Segregated Sport

Least-Inclusive Policies- The sport organizations with the least inclusive policies are likely those without any policy addressing inclusion of transgender athletes. In the absence of express words to the contrary, gatekeepers, such as coaches and administrators, may choose to narrowly interpret “sex” in the context of a sex-specific team to only include those who were... Continue Reading →

Cyber Crime Against Women

Cybercrime is a term for any illegal activity that uses a computer as its primary means of commission. It is an offence that is committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm to the victim directly or indirectly,... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION:-The Castes are hereditary endogamous group with fixed traditional occupations, observingcommensal prohibition and social restrictions on interaction. It is believed that there are about3,000 castes in the country. These castes are grouped as upper castes (like Brahmins, Rajputs, Baniyas, Kayasthas, etc.), intermediate castes (like Ahir, Sunar, Kurmi, etc.) and lower caste(like Dhobi, Nai, etc.). The... Continue Reading →

Empowerment by Women’s Education

Abstract-Education is one of the most important 'Fundamental Right' of the citizens of a nation. It is a dialogue between the past, present and the future. It is an important investment in human capital essential to economic growth The Elementary Education system serves as the base over which the Superstructure of the whole education system... Continue Reading →

Corporate Social Responsibility towards environmental Management

Introduction:Corporate social responsibility is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with the stakeholders on a voluntary basis. Social responsibility of companies was defined as responsibility to consumers, workers, stakeholders and the community. The aim of social responsibility is to create higher standards of living,... Continue Reading →

Role of Education in Women Empowerment and Development: Issues and Impact

Education is considered as a basic requirement and a fundamental right for the citizens of any nation. It is a powerful tool for reducing inequality as it can give people the ability to become independent. Women, who come across discrimination in many spheres, have a particular need for this. Education is regarded as an important... Continue Reading →


Every Constitution has only one design. It will be either Federal or Unitary. Before defining the design of Indian Constitution, I would like to explain the difference Federal and Unitary Constitution. By a unitary state is a state governed by on single unit in which the central government is supreme and executive division work out... Continue Reading →

Women Entrepreneurs in India

Introduction-Women today in India are expressing themselves in myriad colors. From flying choppers on the high seas to plying taxis on unsafe roads, women are exploring new frontiers like never before. They are telling us that their entrepreneurial spirit and political ambition can break new ground and do wonders for the country and society at... Continue Reading →

Some Critical Issues of Women Entrepreneurship in Rural India

Abstract-The aim of this study is to discuss the issues regarding women entrepreneurship in rural India. This paper is mostly based on secondary data and some observations; for the identification of these issues the author has reviewed different research articles and reports. Findings of this study reveal that absence of definite agenda of life, absence... Continue Reading →

Protection of Consumer’s Rights

In modern era the consumers are called the king of the market but this concept of consumer field is not beyond a shadow of doubt because in reality the consumers are still the most deprived part of the market and are in a disadvantageous position due to non-fortification of their rights. They are suffering from... Continue Reading →

Effects of Poverty on Education in India

Education is one of the primary needs besides the food, shelter and clothing in modern life. The Constitution of India has granted right to live with dignity and honor to every citizen. To ensure this fundamental right the State has been taking several measures. Prominent among them are universalization of compulsory and free primary education... Continue Reading →


A fundamental principle in the client-lawyer relationship is that, in the absence of the client'sinformed consent, the lawyer must not reveal information relating to the representation. Thiscontributes to the trust that is the hallmark of the client-lawyer relationship. The client is therebyencouraged to seek legal assistance and to communicate fully and frankly with the lawyer... Continue Reading →

analysis of rights of children and constitution of india

The Constitution of India has been an outstanding document for protecting the rights and interest of its citizen. The children are no exception to it as various provisions, right from the Preamble, Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of State Policy to the present day judicial activism, our Constitution has been trying its best to protect the... Continue Reading →


India continues in receiving refugee inspite of its overpopulation where millions of people arebelow poverty line and are debarred from basic amenities. However there is no uniform legalframework to protect refugee. The main authority on the refugee law is the 1951 ConventionRelating to The Status of Refugee which is known as Refugee Convention which defines... Continue Reading →

Gender Inequality in India

Inequality predicated on gender (or sex) is a habitual Civil Rights misdeed that takes in amultiple shapes; including sexual embarrassment, unequal remuneration for women who do theequal jobs as men and inequality even at the stage of pregnancy. Though the Indian constitutionprovides and privileges for men and women and makes equal provision to improve the... Continue Reading →

Rights of person with Disabilities

Disabilities is an umbrella term, covering impairments, activity limitations, and participationrestrictions. An impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation isa difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action; while a participationrestriction is a problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life situations. Thus,disability is a complex... Continue Reading →


This paper looks at social security as part of the development process andreviews the current practices followed in various countries and suggests improvementof the same This paper is organized as under-A) IntroductionB) Social Security in other countriesC) Social Security in IndiaD) conclusion Introduction-The world today faces a large number of complex crisesA) Financial crisis,B) TerrorismC)... Continue Reading →

Detailed Study of Good Governance

Evolution and attributes-The concept of governance has acquired increased importance since 1990s largely because international aid agencies began to recognize its absence as a serious barrier to economic development of the developing countries, which has been their avowed objective. It is the failure in developmental efforts that brought forth into prominence the need for as... Continue Reading →

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