What are easement rights?

Salmond defined an easement as a legal servient that can be used on another piece of the property exclusively for the sake of enjoying one's own property. A right of easement is essentially a privilege that includes the ability to perform an action or forbid an action on another piece of property in order to... Continue Reading →

Difference between Carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area

Understanding the lingo used by real estate brokers may help you as a prospective homebuyer avoid costly mistakes that could hurt your chances of finding the ideal property. Brokers and realtors frequently use terms and phrases that leave us perplexed in their presence. Brokers and realtors frequently use terms and phrases that leave us perplexed... Continue Reading →

Actionable Claim under Transfer of Property

Section 3 of the Transfer of Property Act of 1882 specifies what constitutes an actionable claim. A claim to any debt, other than a debt secured by a mortgage of immovable property or by the hypothecation or pledge of moveable property, or to any beneficial interest in moveable property not in the claimant's possession, either... Continue Reading →

Power of Police to seize any Property During an Investigation

The police officer has the authority to seize certain property under Section 102 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, although it is not specifically stated that they may do so without a court warrant. Any property that is allegedly stolen, suspected to have been stolen, or that is discovered in circumstances that raise suspicions of... Continue Reading →

Simple Mortgage

What is a Mortgage? A mortgage is defined as the transfer of an interest in a specific piece of real estate for the purpose of guaranteeing the repayment of funds advanced or to be advanced as a loan, the payment of an existing or future debt, or the performance of an agreement that may result... Continue Reading →

Registration of a sale deed in India

What is a sale deed? The sale deed is the primary legal instrument through which the seller gives the buyer or purchaser complete possession of the property in exchange for payment of a price or other consideration. To acquire unrestricted rights in a piece of property, a sale deed becomes a necessary legal document that... Continue Reading →


In India, the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, Section 52, recognizes the lis pendens doctrine. It reflects litigation is currently ongoing when the phrase lis pendens is used. The maxim ‘ut lite pendent nihil innovateur’, which says nothing new should be added during the pendency of litigation, expresses the doctrine of lis pendens. Let's understand... Continue Reading →

Slum Rehabilitation Scheme

Why do people migrate to slums? Cities have experienced rapid population growth in recent years. India, one of the nations with the highest economic growth, is home to numerous major cities, including Pune, Delhi, Bombay, etc. For those who live in villages, cities are the main draw. Because there are few resources in cities, the... Continue Reading →

Process of Land Acquisition in India

Introduction In India, stalled developments are a major challenge for the real estate sector. Numerous factors, including land conflicts, have contributed to the stalling of thousands of infrastructure investment projects, but their importance has been grossly underrated. A real estate project's initial stage is land acquisition, and when the process of confirming the title and... Continue Reading →

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