Right to Privacy – Important Judgments

Introduction The debate of privacy basically came into light in the 21st century with the need of data privacy laws and right to privacy of every individual irrespective of their caste, sex, place of origin etc. Right to privacy is not new, it has been a common law concept and an invasion of privacy gives... Continue Reading →


Introduction The invention of internet came with both advantages and disadvantages with it. Instead of using internet for useful and meaningful sense people have started using it in a malicious way. Hackers are trying to commit crime in the cyberspace. Cyberspace can be defined as a virtual space where various people all over the world... Continue Reading →


Introduction An Advocate is a professional in the field of law who uses the knowledge of law and is entitled to practice in the court of law. An Advocate is regarded as an officer of law but at the same time he has duties towards his clients, opponents, colleagues, society etc. The profession of law... Continue Reading →


Introduction Intellectual property refers to that property which are intangible creation of human minds such as inventory, artistic and literary works, signs and symbols etc. To protect and safeguard the rights of the creators of these Intellectual Property we have Intellectual Property Rights. Countries provides these rights for the purpose of giving statutory rights to... Continue Reading →


Introduction An Insurance Contract can be defined as a contract between two parties where one party i.e., the insurance company also known as ‘Insurer’ undertakes to cover the losses or indemnify the other party i.e., the policy holder also called as ‘Insured’ from the premium paid by the insured on the happening of a certain... Continue Reading →


STATE OF TAMIL NADU  Vs.  SUHAS KATTI Citation: C No. 4680 of 2004 Bench: D. Arulraj, Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Egmore, Chennai Complainant: State of Tamil Nadu Respondent: Suhas Katti Date of Judgement: 05/11/2004 Introduction Crimes through the internet has become a big problem in our developing world. With the development in the world, it... Continue Reading →

Cheque Bounce

Introduction With the advent of growing technologies, the payment system is mainly made through the online banking system or online transaction, which made our life simpler and also helped in fast transactions of money. Online transactions are way more simple and faster than the issuing of cheques. Yet cheques have been preferred for financial transactions... Continue Reading →

Impact of Judicial Intervention in the Field of ADR is a Boon or a Bane

Introduction In developing country like India most of the people opt for the litigation process to resolves disputes, which burdens the court and a large number of pending cases which results in the delay of the resolution of the dispute, which ultimately led to dissatisfaction among the citizens and making true the belief that “Justice... Continue Reading →

State Under Indian Constitution

Introduction Part III of the Indian Constitution deals with the fundamental rights of a person which restricts the power of legislature, executive and judiciary. In order to define the scope and ambit of this the Constitution makers have defined the term ‘State’ under Article 12 of the Indian Constitution. State denotes the Union and State... Continue Reading →

Advent of Limited Liability Partnerships in India

Introduction LLP i.e., Limited Liability Partnership can be defined as a corporate business vehicle which helps the companies’ members to get the benefit of limited liability on the company and allows the members to manage their internal management on the basis of a mutually arrived conclusion as in the case of a partnership firm. It... Continue Reading →

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