Everything has a Price

“Every luxury must be paid for, and everything is a luxury, starting with being in the world.” –Cesare Pavese Money isn’t everything. To some people this is an easy and preferred answer because it gives hope that one can do much more even if he does not have pile of currency in his hands. However,... Continue Reading →

The India of my Dreams

“Dream is not one which you see while sleeping, but the one which does not let you sleep”. These golden words define what I dream actually is like Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir, I too believe in above philosophy. I dream for India. I dream of my India. India, mother India, crowned by Himalayas; adorned... Continue Reading →

Integration of Princely States after Independence

Introduction British India was divided into what were called the British Indian Provinces and the Princely States. Several large and small states ruled by princes, called the Princely States, enjoyed some form of control over their internal affairs as long as they accepted British supremacy. This was called paramountcy of the British crown. Princely States... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION A state of emergency in India is a period of government that the President of India can declare in specific emergency situations. The President, on the recommendation of his cabinet of ministers, can override certain articles of the Constitution that give Fundamental Rights to Indian citizens. Only on the proposal of the Cabinet, the... Continue Reading →


"Corruption is a tree, whose branches are of an immeasurable length; they spread everywhere." – Beaumont and Fletcher Corruption is a universal phenomenon faced by people in one or the other forms. In India, it has become a part of life. It is the greatest foe of good governance and causing great harm to society... Continue Reading →

Environment and Global Politics

INTRODUCTION Global environmental politics is a relatively new field of study within international relations that focuses on issues related to the interaction of humans and the natural world. As early as the mid-19th century, scholars wrote about the role of natural resources in global security and political economy. It was only in the 1980s and... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION: It is well known that the availability of the resources on earth is limited still our needs are persistent, and if we define our necessity; they are just a wastage of resources. We can reduce those demands of ours but the culture of flaunting pulls ourselves and the earth tends to suffer due to... Continue Reading →

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