Constitutionality of Abortion Laws, Culture And Its Effect On Decisions Made PART- 2

Cross-culturally, the prime ubiquitous conditions for either supporting of or imposing abortion exemplify unmated standing of the mother, adultery, ambiguous paternity, mother's poor health, lactation of the mother, consent of the pater, death of the pater, rape, incest, and alternative sorts of the extralegal union. In civilisation, attitudes vary and are dynamical in most cases.... Continue Reading →

Constitutionality of Abortion Laws, Culture And Its Effect On Decisions Made PART-1

Although Abortion is a matter of personal choice and would differ from person to person, the main evil in such cases is the fear o society . The constitutionality may be justified or condemned but the remainder is always about what people would say. Most countries accepted abortion on certain conditions but how are they... Continue Reading →

Elements of Cyber terrorism

Cyber act of terrorism has many distinct characteristics. These characteristics help to raised differentiate the fine line between a cyber-terror attack versus a cyber attack or activities of a hacker. Cyber act of terrorism can and will show the following signs:Attack has associate degree objective to destroy or injury specific targets like political, economic, energy,... Continue Reading →


Directors are agents of the corporate in transactions they enter into on behalf of the corporate, although they're not agents for individual shareholders or members. A director could also be a worker, a servant or maybe a "worker" of the corporate. He occupies the position of a trustee, although he's not a trustee within the... Continue Reading →

Dimensions of cybercrime in current society

The threat of terrorist acts has posed a Brobdingnagian challenge in our daily life. Terror attacks in major cities, towns and traveller resorts across the world have incontestable the inadequacy of the state mechanism to deal with the challenge. The nations are attains several major counter ways to cope with the challenges. However, most of... Continue Reading →


In the prevailing climate of impunity, most of the perpetrators, also as head of state, use their political clout and are in and of itself ne'er dropped at justice. it's exactly when the foremost serious crimes were committed and national courts were least willing or ready to act as a as a result of which... Continue Reading →


The ICTY comes under the UN court of law takes charge of war crimes that chance throughout the conflicts within the Balkans in the 1990’s. Since its commencement in the ninety three last century, it's irreversibly modified the outlook of transnational philanthropic law and handed victims a chance to state the horrors they witnessed and... Continue Reading →


The foremost observation of the analysis is that the Republic of Indian Constitution acknowledges the‘ Right to Freedom of Religion’as a introductory right that's enforceable within the Supreme Court of India and thus the varied state High Courts and in theu.s., the correct to freedom of faith is incorporated within the Constitution through the primary... Continue Reading →


Globalization has its impact on each assiduity; the distinction is within the extent of the affect and in the aspects of its effect, positive or negative. wherever profitable process has some positive impact, it'll have a negative impact. due to profitable process countries have opened their door for international companies; business for business is free... Continue Reading →

Force Meajure Clause under Contract law

Certain disasters are beyond the control of the parties of a contract. Such disasters, if they should occur, can provide a basis for one party to break away from fulfilling the contract. To remove liability and avoid legal consequences, parties can include a force majeure clause in their contract. This legal tool is meant to... Continue Reading →

Right to Internet under Article 21

The court underlined the importance of freedom of expression and speech, as it being integral to the fundamental right to life, liberty and to freedom of expression and speech. The court ruled that any restriction on the said rights needs to pass an extremely rigorous test prescribed by the Supreme Court in Shreya Singhal v.... Continue Reading →

The 45 degree rule under easement law

The 45-degree rule is used to determine permissible objects and structures within a homeowners line of sight from his windows across his property. The Rule of 45 Degrees is an English common law rule which was created to protect the owners of a property, who are entitled normal light as they so require. The 45-degree... Continue Reading →

Can a soldier start a fire on a mob?

The orders that a soldier is bound to obey are those that are lawful and not those that are obviously illegal. The soldier who acts in good faith on the orders of his superior officer will be protected by law.S o the answer is yes, a soldier can take action against a rioting mob when... Continue Reading →

Right to silence in India

The Right to Silence also called as a citizen's privilege is an essential legal right enforced by the Constitution of India. According to this law no police officer has the right to interrogate or force anyone accused of committing a crime to confess his crimes. Police officers will have to provide a written document explaining... Continue Reading →

Cybersquatting in India 

A cyber squatter is a person who registers a domain name in bad faith and denies the rightful owner. Spammers are some of the common cyber squatters and also there are some instances where a non-profit organization, who has been using an identifier for decades for his organisation, has been displaced by a cyber squatter.... Continue Reading →

Is there any right to go abroad?

The personal liberty to move freely throughout the area belonging to India is also a right given to each Indian citizen. This not only protects the right to travel India but also the right to travel abroad and this right is one that does not need any explanation or justification for its existence in a... Continue Reading →

Right to oxygen under art 21

The Right to Life envisages that the 'State' will provide the means for citizens to live with dignity and all basic minimum needs. The Right to oxygen is not a negative right but it is a positive obligation on the state to meet out its citizen’s life saving requirement. The State, in terms of Article... Continue Reading →

  Right to food in Indian Scenario

Right to food is an important part of the human rights and this right cannot be denied by anyone. The government has implemented many schemes for the poor and needy people for having food in order to survive. Food is a necessity for human beings and every citizen has a right on it which can’t... Continue Reading →

Is Biobanking legal in India? 

The rapid rise of health care technology and biobanking has created a new set of privacy issues and it is necessary to enact laws on such biobanks to protect the interest of citizens. Biobanking is going to give an opportunity for the research community and the industry to move health care services ahead in a... Continue Reading →

India and its stance on environmental mediation

These new environmental developments in India and abroad suggest increasing acknowledgement of the value of nature and the desire to protect it. However, it is also critical to improve the public's knowledge of environmental issues and issues that affect the earth's health. More importantly, a more efficient and effective approach towards solving these environmental problems... Continue Reading →

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