Theories of Punishment

1) Deterrent Theory: This theory of punishment aims to deter the prospective criminals from committing the crime by terrorising them. … More

Pardoning Power

Pardon means the formal act of liberating someone. Every country has the right of pardoning. The court doesn’t take any … More

Types of Writs

1) Writ of Habeas Corpus: It is a writ issued for producing the body. A person cannot be detained without … More

School- Second Home

School is like a second home for all. Most of the time of our childhood we spend at the school. … More

Age is just a number

We often find people saying that I can’t do this I’m 60 years old, I should retire by the age … More


Social media as the word suggests it’s a medium through which one can connect with the society at large. Various … More

VOlenti non fit injuria

Volenti Non-Fit Injuria The literal meaning of this maxim is that an act to which man consents cannot be complained … More