Gratitude- Way of bringing smile on face

Gratitude a word often not emphasized upon in its true sense. However we express gratitude only when our work is done or when the work we wanted to get done. We have been reluctant to express gratitude. In the Hindu mythology one must thank the land i.e the earth every morning as the person comes... Continue Reading →

Theories of Punishment

1) Deterrent Theory: This theory of punishment aims to deter the prospective criminals from committing the crime by terrorising them. The offender is punished to set an example for others. This creates fear and thus prevents the crime. The drawback of this theory is that a hardened criminal becomes accustomed to the severity of punishments... Continue Reading →

Pardoning Power

Pardon means the formal act of liberating someone. Every country has the right of pardoning. The court doesn't take any emotions or history into consideration it strictly follows the law for the adjudication. Pardoning power proves to be an aid for correcting judicial errors. In a nutshell it means to consider the case beyond the... Continue Reading →

Types of Writs

1) Writ of Habeas Corpus: It is a writ issued for producing the body. A person cannot be detained without a cause. This writ is used as tool against illegal detention. It is the right of a person to know the reason for such detention. In order to protect the person from wrongful detention such... Continue Reading →

School- Second Home

School is like a second home for all. Most of the time of our childhood we spend at the school. Our journey of learning begins from school. A place which is in everyones heart forever. We make our first ever friends during school days. It is the foundation of our career and life. Not a... Continue Reading →

Dowry – A Social Evil

Dowry is an act of demanding or giving some valuable assets or money by the bride to the groom usually. It is a social evil. Taking or demanding and giving or announcing dowry is an offence. In olden days bride's family was forced to pay certain sums to the family of groom under the pretence... Continue Reading →

Important ingredients of a Sale Deed

• Name of the deed: It is the parties who have to decide that which deed has to be prepared e.g. DEED OF SALE or DEED OF MORTGAGE or DEED OF LEASE etc. and based on which there will be transfer of ownership of immovable property. • Parties to sale deed: An absolute sale deed... Continue Reading →

Age is just a number

We often find people saying that I can't do this I'm 60 years old, I should retire by the age of 58 years, It won't go on me well as I am old, I'm old so I should not try something new, etc.Age is just a number. Why do we consider such barrier for ourselves?... Continue Reading →


Social media as the word suggests it's a medium through which one can connect with the society at large. Various social media platforms are available such as facebook, Instagram, hike, messengers,telegram,whatsapp etc which help a person to share his own personal life events with his friends, followers or the community that he or she is... Continue Reading →

Suicide – An offence under IPC

Suicide an act to kill oneself. We find people struggling for survival constantly. Even a single ray of hope for survival is what they hunt for despite the audacity. But then we find a few bunch of people who intentionally desire to end their lives for various reasons ranging from fear, failures, threats,stress etc. For... Continue Reading →


POCSO an act enacted for the protection of children from sexual offences. This act states various sexual offences and punishments for the same. Children are the future of our country. Hence, every offence committed against them must be looked into legally and shall be held for punishment where necessary. This will help in protecting the... Continue Reading →

VOlenti non fit injuria

Volenti Non-Fit Injuria The literal meaning of this maxim is that an act to which man consents cannot be complained off as an injury. In other words, if you consent to an act, you are not eligible to complain but suffer the consequences of your own consent. It is assumed that consent shall be obtained... Continue Reading →

article 19(1)(g) and environment

Article 19(1)(g) According to Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution, all Indian citizens have the basic right to engage in any profession or business, trade or commerce anywhere in India. However, this is not an absolute right, so you have reasonable restrictions. Article 19, clause 6 of the Constitution imposes appropriate restrictions on this fundamental right... Continue Reading →

Linkedin Professional networking

We have witnessed various social media apps such as facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Linkedin is one such app for the professionals. This app enables the professionals to share their views on various aspects of the profession. Many job opportunities, internships etc are shared. Few of the professionals also share their experiences about recruitment procedure, scope... Continue Reading →

PIl and writs in case of environment related issues

One of the vital aspects of Indian Constitution is written Jurisdiction is vested in the Supreme Court under section 32 and all higher courts in accordance with section of section 226. The order or order of recruitment, including habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, quo. warrant and certiorari, as applicable. This paved the way for one of... Continue Reading →

Mooting- integral part of law schools

Mooting often referred as moot court is the replica of actual hearings taking place in the courts of justice. Various universities and legal institutions have moot court as a part of their curriculum. Moot courts help the budding lawyers to develop research skills, advocacy skills, planning and team spirit, interpretation of law and its applicability.... Continue Reading →

Offences Related to Marriage

Marriage is considered to be the union of a male and a female. In Indian its regarded as sacred. Marriage is aimed at such a relationship which has evolved over trust, companionship, affection, care, support, of the two individuals. Despite of all the importance given to the relationship of individuals through a medium of marriage... Continue Reading →

bequests and it’s types

Introduction. The concept of bequest is used in Testamentary succession. When a person who by the way of will transfers the property to another person a bequest plays an important role. The act of leaving something for other through a will is called bequest. Bequest are of various types. For a will to be valid... Continue Reading →

Fundamental Duties and Constitutional Provisions for Environment Protection.

The Constitution (Forty-second Amendment) Act, 1976 inserted part IV-A into the Constitution of India. This new part prescribes certain fundamental duties for the citizens of India. The sole Article of this part, Article 51-A, specifies ten fundamental duties. It shall be the duty of every citizen of India (g) to protect and improve the natural... Continue Reading →

sec 3- the protection of civil rights act,1955

Sec 3-Enforcing religious disabilities. Whoever on the ground of “Untouchability” prevents any person— (a) from entering any place of public worship which is open to other persons professing the same religion of any section thereof, as such person; or (b) from worshipping or offering prayers or performing any religious service in any place of public... Continue Reading →

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