Mental health and the criminal justice system

The prison, where a care infrastructure already exists, is a good location for examining the care gap in the criminal justice system (CJS). Any notion that the CJS can reliably identify patients with mental illness who need care, on the other hand, has to be examined further. When determining whether or not an accused is... Continue Reading →

Role of Judiciary

Because the court is apart from the executive, it can readily protect citizens' rights and maintain peace and concord. Its function, however, is not confined to this. It performs a variety of functions to ensure that the country runs smoothly. For starters, it has a significant impact on the creation of new legislation. The judiciary... Continue Reading →

Election reforms in India

                                                           Introduction India has its democratic strengths: a constitution for democracy, frequent elections, formal checks and balances, a fairly free media and a vibrant civil society. Yet there is little doubt that core aspects of Indian politics require systemic changes too, and India will continue to be a dysfunctional democracy until that happens. Election is... Continue Reading →

Regulation of use of children in armed forces through International legal standards

Every country has its own definition of child soldiers. It usually refers to anyone under the age of eighteen who are chosen into a country's administrative or private powers, which include the use of hazardous weapons. Children used to be protected by the social belief that they were non-combatant and innocent. During World War II,... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION  Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) is a legislative body of Government of India's Ministry of Women & Child Development. It serves as the nodal body for Indian children's adoption and is authorized to track and control inland and inter-country adoptions. In compliance with the terms of the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption, 1993, ratified... Continue Reading →

All about Limited Liability Partnership:

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a kind of partnership in some type of company where all of the parties have limited liability. This means that none of the partners was liable for the damages, negligence, or wrongdoing of the others. This is referred to as a Limited Liability Partnership since each partner is only... Continue Reading →

eradicating prejudice against LGBT community

This is yet another regular story about a lesbian couple (petitioners) whose relationship was not supported by their parents, who were vehemently opposed to their daughters having such a relationship. With the help of an NGO and other members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the pair was able to get housing and begin looking for work... Continue Reading →


Introduction Section 84 of the Indian Penal Code specifies that every crime committed by an individual who is of an unsound mind at the time of the act and the individual is unable to comprehend the essence of the act and the individual does not realise that the act he is perpetrating is incorrect or... Continue Reading →


Ambit of basic structure doctrines (case laws) The basic framework theory, which has been established by the Indian Supreme Court through various seminal decisions over the years, introduces the required element of constitutionalism, which is vital to the upkeep of the spirit of the constitution text, to uphold, defend, and sustain the thicker principle of... Continue Reading →

Sports law in regard to match fixing

Introduction Gaming has been in existence in India from ancient times. Evidence from the study of archeological excavations reveals that gaming was considered one of the most enjoyable and popular form of entertainment in ancient times and continues to enjoy similar popularity today. The gamblers were willing to risk their kingdoms and lands, and at times... Continue Reading →


The educational industry was seriously affected in the aftermath of the global crisis triggered by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. Uncertainty loomed big among both students and educators as educational facilities were closed for an undetermined duration. eLearning app development, on the other hand, came to the rescue by offering innovative solutions that brought in... Continue Reading →

Murder, Manslaughter, and Hate Crime: The Law and Emotions

Emotions are more vital to our survival than any other component of our lives. They are what make life worthwhile to live, or to terminate. Determining the meaning of emotion is as difficult, if not impossible, as determining the meaning of law. As a result, most of the great classical philosophers—Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes, and Hume—each... Continue Reading →

De Jure Mobile Applications and intellectual property law:

A mobile application is a software program for a mobile operating system (e.g., iOS) that is meant to run on smartphones (e.g., iPhone) and is available through application distribution platforms (e.g., Apple App Store) that are normally run by the mobile operating system's owners (e.g., iOS for iPhone). Developers produce mobile applications with unique resolution,... Continue Reading →


In India, the Union government's powers are known as the President's because they are exercised in his name in compliance with Article 53 of the Constitution, which states: The executive powers of the Union shall be vested in the President and shall be exercised by him either directly or by officers’ subordinate to him in... Continue Reading →

Conflict between State List and Concurrent List

Article 246 which states (1) Notwithstanding anything in clauses (2) and (3), Parliament has exclusive power to make laws with respect to any of the matters enumerated in List I in the Seventh Schedule (in this Constitution referred to as the “Union List”). (2) Notwithstanding anything in clause (3), Parliament, and, subject to clause (1),... Continue Reading →

ANALYSIS OF Bandhua Mukti Morcha vs Union of India and Ors.

FACTS: A letter to Hon'ble Bhagwati, J., was addressed by the petitioner, an organization dedicated to the purpose for the arrival of strengthened workers in the country. Declaring: There were a large number of workers from different parts of the nation employed in some of the stone quarries organised under "brutal and insufferable circumstances" in... Continue Reading →

Is it possible to fight body shaming legally in India?

Many of us assume that outward looks are important. We automatically compare our appearances to those of others, forgetting that everyone is unique in their own way. We naively follow commercials to improve our look since the media looms huge over our homes. It might be for a fairer-looking face lotion or weight-loss tablets in... Continue Reading →


Man was given a beautiful thing called a brain by God, and Mother Nature bestowed upon him the earth's vast physical and biological resources. By utilizing these natural resources and using his intellect or thinking, man began to create his own universe. Man has also been given the ability to imagine and create. He has... Continue Reading →

Whether Pharmaceutical Advertising is Prohibited or Regulated in India Under Drug Laws?

Pharmaceuticals play a significant part in the management of sickness and disease in human life, and in this context, medical practitioners are tasked with prescribing the different drugs necessary for various ailments/illnesses in order to treat and cure them appropriately. In this post, we'll look at how India controls pharmaceutical promotion and marketing to ensure... Continue Reading →

Theory of Lex Fori:

In the 1890s, German and French authors Kahn and Bartin introduced the notion of lex fori for the first time. It is a well-accepted idea that has also been embraced and used by English courts. The law of the forum, or lex fori theory, is a method of addressing the problem of characterization. The notion... Continue Reading →

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