Various activities can contribute to global climate change. Temperatures can rise drastically as a result of climate change. Many diverse changes happen to earth as the temperature rises. More floods, droughts, or heavy rain, can be direct effect of this. This are followed by frequent and severe heat waves. Oceans and glaciers have also changed... Continue Reading →


The word empowerment means enabling one to gain control over one's life and claiming one's right. Women empowerment is the movement that ensures the participation of women in the social, economic, and political sphere. It is the upliftment of the female gender. Earlier, women were sidelined, they were nonexistent in society. But time, women began... Continue Reading →

Adhesion contracts and unconscionability

Definition Standard form contract or boilerplate contract commonly called “Adhesion Contract” drafted by one party having greater bargaining power and the other party having lesser bargaining power signs it. Thus the second party is incapable of any amendments or negotiation regarding the provisions of the contract. More common use of adhesion contracts are in insurance... Continue Reading →

How InsureTech is disrupting Insurance sector 

Banking sector is revolutionized by the rise of fintech forcing incumbents to innovate and rethink their business model. Similarly insurtech is the next big thing in the insurance sector. In a world where smartphone penetration is on the rise it can uberize insurance ensuring efficiency and profit.  Insurtech firms seem to tackle issues which the... Continue Reading →

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