Benami Transactions

Introduction The word benami means “without a name". In simple terms, benami transaction  refers to any transaction made by a person without using his name or by using the name of another person. As an example, a benami property is a property bought by a person in the name of another person. There is a popular... Continue Reading →

Service Mark

The famous Louis Vuitton logo is some of the most valuable intellectual property in the world. The Legal notice portion of the website gives us some insight into the ownership of these logos and symbols. “Louis Vuitton ® is a registered trademark of Louis Vuitton Malletier S.A. (“LVM”), as well as all the other related trademarks and... Continue Reading →

FEMA Regulations, 2000

INTRODUCTION In these Regulations, unless the context requires otherwise, —(a) ‘Act’ means, the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (42 of 1999);(b) “Drawal” means drawal of foreign exchange from an authorised person and includesopening of Letter of Credit or use of International Credit Card or International DebitCard or ATM card or any other thing by whatever... Continue Reading →

Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme

Introduction Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme (DEPB) is an export incentive scheme implemented by the Indian Government to the exporters of the country. The scheme refunds duties that are paid by the exporters in the form of credit. This scheme came into force on 01.04.1997, had both pre-export and post-export DEPB of which, the latter was... Continue Reading →

Limited Liability Partnership In India

INTRODUCTION Limited liability partnership is a combination of both partnership and corporation. It has the feature of both these forms. As the name suggests partners have limited liability in the company which means that personal assets of the partners are not used for paying off the debts of the company. Nowadays it has become very popular... Continue Reading →

Merger And Amalgamation

Introduction Nowadays, the deals of Merger and Amalgamation in India are increasing rapidly due to continuous change of dynamics, increased competition, technology adaption, business expansion and globalization. Therefore, every company opts for the process of merger to reap the benefits of associating with a large company. Further, merger and amalgamation are often known as a... Continue Reading →

Complete Procedure For Trademark Registration In India

Trademark Registry The trademark registry was established in 1940 then came the Trademark Act which was passed in 1999. Currently, the trademark registry works as the operation or functional body of the Act. Or it can also be said to be working side by side. As a functioning body, the trademark registry implements all the... Continue Reading →

International Joint Venture

Introduction As companies look to expand their reach globally to enter new markets or find savings, a common strategy is to find a local partner in another country and form an international joint venture. When done well, international joint ventures can dramatically shorten the timeline and expense in developing an international market or supplier base.... Continue Reading →

Anti Dumping Duty

Anti dumping duty is a duty levied on goods manufactured in foreign countries and imported into the us. These imports have a lower price than the fair market value of the same or similar goods in the domestic market. The government imposes anti dumping duties on imports when there are reasons to believe that the goods are... Continue Reading →

Property Rights Of Transgender Community Of India

Introduction 'Without Equality , I Say, There Cannot Be Liberty ' Transgender community in India face a variety of issues which include problems relating to marriage, property, electoral rights, adoption, etc. to name a few. After the judgment in the case of National Legal Service Authority v. Union of India the Transgender Persons (Protection of... Continue Reading →

Agreement To Sell

Introduction Agreements to sell are also a type of sales contract, but they can be more thorough and legally binding than a simple sale. In an agreement to sell, the contract clearly states the price a buyer agrees to pay for either goods or the fulfillment of some kind of condition stipulated. Both parties must... Continue Reading →


Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that you can buy, sell and exchange directly, without an intermediary like a bank. Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, originally described the need for “an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust.” Each and every Bitcoin transaction that’s ever been made exists on a public ledger accessible... Continue Reading →

Enforcement Of Foreign Awards In India

INTRODUCTION The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 (hereinafter referred to as The Act) specifically provides for the manner in which a Foreign Award is to be dealt with for the purposes of its enforcement. The Act of 1940 had no such provision. The Foreign Awards are to be dealt with separately under the New York... Continue Reading →

Insider Trading

INTRODUCTION The term insider trading refers to the stock transactions of the officers , directors, and large shareholders of the firm .Most investors believe that the corporate insiders informed about the prospectus of their firms and that the buy and sell their own firm's stock at the most favorable time and reap significant profits .Whether... Continue Reading →


WHAT IS COLLECTIVE MARK ? A collective mark is a trademark or service mark used, or intended to be used, in commerce, by the members of a cooperative, an association, or other collective group or organization, including a mark which indicates membership in a union, an association, or other organization. A collective mark is used by all members of the... Continue Reading →

Important And Confidentiality Clauses In Agreement

INTRODUCTION A Confidentiality Agreement which is also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement, in simple words, is an agreement between two parties where one of the parties is bound to not to disclose any kind of information being provided or shared by the other party to the first party. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) are agreements signed between... Continue Reading →

Expert Evidence

Introduction Experts can be of great assistance to Magistrates and juries in aiding them to determine the issues in a case, including the guilt or innocence of an accused. Prosecutors will require the appropriate knowledge and understanding of the evidence in question to present and challenge expert evidence. The purpose of this Guidance is to... Continue Reading →


Introduction A preamble is an introductory statement in a document that explains the document’s philosophy and objectives.In a Constitution, it presents the intention of its framers, the history behind its creation, and the core values and principles of the nation.The preamble basically gives idea of the following things/objects:Source of the ConstitutionNature of Indian StateStatement of its objectivesDate of its adoption It is an... Continue Reading →

Indian Trust Laws

INTRODUCTION A trust may be created for any lawful purpose. The purpose of a trust is lawful unless it is (a) forbidden by law, or (b) is of such a nature that, if permitted, it would defeat the provisions of any law, or (c) is fraudulent, or (d) involves or implies injury to the person... Continue Reading →

Digital Copyright Law

INTRODUCTION Until the advent of the printing press, nobody was much afraid about stealing their work as making copies was so tedious and heavily prone to manual error that only a few copies were made of the books and manuscripts. It was in the fifteenth century when the invention of the printing machine and consequential... Continue Reading →

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