An electronic contract is one that is executed through e-commerce, frequently even without parties physically meeting. It alludes to business dealings carried out and completed online. A client withdrawing cash from an ATM is an illustration of an e-contract. When a consumer purchases a good from such an online retailer, it is an additional example... Continue Reading →

Joint Venture

A Joint Venture (JV) is a business Endeavour in which two or more firms pool their resources in an effort to acquire a competitive advantage. Companies frequently form joint ventures to work on certain projects. The JV might consist of a totally new company with separate main business operations, or it could be a new... Continue Reading →

When Termination of an Agreement Takes Place

Introduction A contract is a written document in which the parties specify the terms and conditions of their partnership and business dealings. A contract's termination is crucial since it gives the parties a way out. A contract may be cancelled by the parties concerned under the Indian Contract Act of 1872 by providing justifiable grounds... Continue Reading →

Relationship between Money Laundering and Development

The offense of receiving money gained unlawfully is known as money laundering. Countries with corrupt anti-money laundering law permit’s thieves and terrorist funders to utilize their monetary benefits to further their illicit activities and support unlawful ones like drug trafficking and corruption. Despite the fact that tax evasion and terrorist funding can happen everywhere, they... Continue Reading →

Impact of Money Laundering on Development

Money laundering undermines financial firms that are vital for economic progress, encourages fraud and terrorism that impede productivity expansion, and lowers productivity in the rest of the economy. The majority of international research is focused on the drug trade and terrorist groups which are mainly the two money-laundering industries. It is evident what happens when drug money... Continue Reading →

Prevention of Money Laundering – A Global Initiative

Money laundering is the illegal practise of making “dirty” wealth appears legitimate instead of poorly, and its prevention is urgently needed. Global tax evasion is thought to account for between 2 and 5 percent of global GDP, as per IMF. The 'European Communities Directive and Convention on the Laundering, Search, and Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime' defines... Continue Reading →

Foreign Collaboration Agreement

A strategic and cooperative partnership between native and non-resident commercial organizations is known as a foreign collaboration agreement. Any one of the firms involved in an international agreement has to be a foreign entity. The firm is launched in another nation with or without the creation of a new corporation since it is established for... Continue Reading →

Process of Money Laundering

When someone engages in illegal acts, money laundering refers to the financial operations in which they attempt to conceal the revenues or origins of these activities. For instance, a person could invest in a company in an effort to conceal the proceeds from drug sales. Financial watchdogs and law enforcement personnel are educated to seek... Continue Reading →

Topic: What is Hawala?

Introduction An unstructured, unlicensed method of transmitting foreign cash within a nation is known as "HAWALA." All with no documentation, checks, or transparency, this system functions and runs in a manner comparable to that of conventional financial institutions. Transfer is the English translation of the Arabic term hawala. "Hundi" is another name for it. Because it... Continue Reading →

What is Money Laundering?

Introduction Many crimes are committed with the intent of making money for the person or group who commits the crime. The process of these criminally obtained funds to conceal their illicit source is known as money laundering. This procedure is crucial because it allows the offender to benefit from the income without endangering their source.... Continue Reading →

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