A less talked Topic: Legal Rights Of Men In India

India is a common law country with diverse traditions, several religious cultures and a history dating back to ages. The constitution of India has been envisaged with the principle of equality as an essential factor for societal development. India’s sustained democratic freedoms are unique among the world’s younger nations; however, in spite of economic and... Continue Reading →


Overpopulation is a global crisis that we are facing and it is high time that people become more aware of it. It is not only leading to growth in consumerism but also causing social, economic and environmental issues. It is a global crisis that we are facing and it is important that people become more... Continue Reading →

Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Knowing what constitutes harassment that is sexual in nature in the workplace and the impact it has on the employees and the organization are crucial to understanding its prevention.  Sexual harassment doesn’t just affect women although they are the group representing the highest levels of sexual harassment in the workplace with 80% experiencing some form... Continue Reading →

Gender Discrimination

Gender disparity still exists in India. Being born as women in Indian society, one has to face gender discrimination at all levels. At the household level, females are confined to their household chores, raising children and looking after families, irrespective of their education degrees or job profile. At her workplace: women have limited access to... Continue Reading →

CYBERCRIMES: Are the laws outdated for this type of crime?

Crime and guilt are associated to man since his existence . Crime remains elusive and ever strives to cover itself within the face of development.  different nations have adopted different methods to subsume crime betting on their nature and extent. One factor is definite, it's that a nation with a high incidence of crime cannot... Continue Reading →


Intelligence and emotions differentiate humans from animals. feeling is an element of a person’s behaviour and sure feelings will have an effect on his/her performance, emotions will even stop someone from manufacturing associate intelligent outcome. Therefore, once a pc aims to emulate human behaviour, not solely ought to this pc assume and reason, however it... Continue Reading →

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