19th of November every year is globally observed as International Men’s Day since the year 1999. It is recognized to celebrate overall achievements of men. This day is observed to appreciate the role of men as an individual, as fathers, as brothers, as husbands, as friends, and as colleagues. The objective of this day is... Continue Reading →

Legal Aid Awareness

India is a country with mass population. A large number of people in India comprises of below poverty and illiterates. Majority of citizens are not aware of the legal system prevailing in the country. Those people who are aware of it cannot avail their legal Constitutional rights because of their social and economic backwardness. Legal... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Speech and Expression

What is Freedom of Speech and Expression? As per oxford dictionary Freedom of Speech means, “the power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.” According to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was adopted in the year 1948, “everyone has the right to freedom of opinion... Continue Reading →

Contracts Which Cannot Be Specifically Enforced

Introduction Introduction to the specific relief Act is a must before jumping into a range of topics provided. Having a legacy of distinction, earlier through the 1877 Act & then through the 1963 Act, the legislature endeavoured to grant the equitable justification & widen the justice imparting powers of the court. This institution of justice... Continue Reading →

Vishaka – The Hero

Vishaka & Others V/S State of Rajasthan (AIR 1997 SC 3011) Sexual Harassment Landmark Case  Bench of Judges – The Judgement of Vishaka’s case was conveyed by Chief Justice JS Verma as a representative of Chief Justice of India Sujata V. Manohar & Justice B.N.Kirpal. Precedent A precedent is a statement of law found in... Continue Reading →

SEX EDUCATION: Why still a Taboo?

Introduction Sex Education helps people gain knowledge about vast variety of topics related to sex, sexuality, beliefs, misconceptions, and exploring values. Sex Education helps in gaining skills that are needed to manage relationships and understand one’s own sexual health. It assists to guide and instruct issues relating to emotional relations, sexual anatomy, reproduction, reproductive health,... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION A Preamble is an introductory statement in a document that explains the philosophy and objective of the that particular document. It is a preliminary statement. In a constitution, it presents the history behind its creation, the core values and principles of the nation, as well as intention of its framers. In the same way,... Continue Reading →

Professional Ethics For Lawyers

Professional Ethics Professional Ethics means a set of code of rules for an aspiring lawyer to observe. Professional Ethics regulates the conduct and behavior of a practicing lawyer. It contains codes of conduct a practicing lawyer should have towards himself, his client, his opposite party, and obviously towards the court. Ethics generally means principles of... Continue Reading →

How Covid Affected The Legal Industry

Introduction Today, the world is facing a global pandemic, its worst nightmare, a bitter reality! All of a sudden the world has come to a standstill. Covid-19 has not only an impact on the health of the people but it also has been adversely affecting the over-al lives of people, especially the common man. We... Continue Reading →

Why I Choose To Join Law School?

Everyone in their initial education years think a lot about what they want to become when they grow up. Starting from our primary education years we think about our aims and how we could pursue it. Most of the time it happens generally that our decisions & goals keep on changing. And it could be... Continue Reading →

Redressal Mechanism Under Consumer Protection Act, 2019

Introduction The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is the act of the Parliament of India. This Act replaces the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. This Act helps to provide protection of consumer’s interests, to establish authorities for effective, timely and proper administration and settlement of consumer disputes and other consumer related matters.  This Act was set to... Continue Reading →


Introduction Homeschooling or Home Schooling is a form of education in which parents teach their children at home instead of enrolling them to private or public schools. It is also known as home education or effective home education (EHE). Here Parents are the one to decide the curriculum, subject matter, syllabus, set and mark examinations... Continue Reading →

Qualities of A Good Advocate

Introduction An Advocate is a professional in the field of law and is a person who is professionally qualified to plead the cause of another in court of law. Advocates are trained in the skills of professional advocacy. Advocacy is set to be a skill. When an advocate or legal advisor puts forward a particular... Continue Reading →

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