Competition Law And Intellectual Property Rights

BACKGROUND       EarlierCompetitive law and Intellectual property rights (IPRs) as usually perceived as for  sharing an uneasy relationship given their seemingly contrasting goals. However, to put one against  the other without qualifications and riders may not do justice to the nuisances of their respective nature, rules  and goals. The system of IPRs is premised on... Continue Reading →

Registration of Trade Union and Remedies for Non-Registration Or Cancellation of Trade Union

BACKGROUND As an organised movement, In earlier era trade unions began to take shape in India in the years immediately following the end of the World War I. That rises of trade unions , a new development in the society. In its long history through the ayes there’s no organisation which can be regarded as... Continue Reading →

Sub-ordinate Judiciary And Its Role in Exhaustion of Public Grievances

                                                                                                                   BACKGROUND In earlier Era, during British days, the executive and judicial powers had been combined under a district officer who was both Collector and Magistrate. This gave him a tremendous power over the citizens. The practice was so deeply hated that the Constitution-makers provided separation of the judiciary from the executive as... Continue Reading →

Relation Between Principal / Agent Explain Sub-Agent and Substituted Agent

 APPOINTMENT OF AN AGENT BY PRINCIPAL An “agent” is a person employed to do any act for another, or to represent another is dealing with 3rd persons. The person for whom such act is done, or who is so represented is called as “principal” this define under Section 182 of Contract Act, 1872. The concept... Continue Reading →

Duration and Enforcement of Bipartite Agreement

                                                                                                                          BACKGROUND Salary is very important for on job working person and everybody wants increment in salary on a regular interval. So Just like pay commission in central government jobs in Banks there is another option called bipartite settlement. So, in the public sector banks wage revision takes place on the basis of... Continue Reading →

Forfeiture And Surrender Of Shares Under Company Law

                                                                                                                     INTRODUCTION Forfeiture of Share When the shares are issued by the company, generally the shareholders are not asked to pay the whole amount of share at once. It happens in instalments. The company makes these calls on shares when it requires further capital. Besides the forfeiture of shares is process in where the... Continue Reading →

Environment –The World’s Plastic Pollution Crisis

BACKGROUND       TheWorld Environment Day is one of  the Greatest events organized by the United Nations to generate awareness annually and the significance of nature and greenery. As United Nations Assembly established World Environment Day on 5th June in 1972, which was the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the human environment. In the... Continue Reading →

school of competition Law- The Grassroot Background

BACKGROUND       In order to appreciate the immense importance and significance the school of  competition law to the national economy, tracing the origins and roots of such law are important to us such process enables us in comprehending about the identities, relevancy and objectives apart from the factors that influence decisions.       The original concept... Continue Reading →

Recognizing Women As Independent Individual By Law

                                                                              BACKGROUND In the early nineteenth century serious situation arise the rights normally enjoyed by women were often withdrawn when she married. Indeed, a woman gave up so many civil and property rights under law upon crossing the doorstep that she was said to be entering a state of "civil death." But this arose unhappy... Continue Reading →

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