Fake Feminism

Fake Feminism in simple words means that no sex should be treated unequal. They should receive equal treatment from all. But in today’s world a new type of feminism has developed which can be rightly called as Pseudo Feminism or fake feminism. Fake feminism attempts to reap the social benefits of moderate self-proclaimed feminism while... Continue Reading →

Case analysis – S. R. Bommai v. Union of India

The judgement of the case date backs to 11th of March, 1994. This case puts an end to the arbitrary dismissal of state government by a central government and also curtails the power of president in dismissing a state government. FACTS – The Janata Party was the largest party in the Karnataka state legislature to... Continue Reading →

Strict Liability

Strict Liability is a legal doctrine that holds a party responsible for their actions or products, without the plaintiff having to prove negligence or fault. When someone partakes in ultrahazardous activities such as wild animals, using explosives or make any defective products, then they will be held liable if someone else is injured. This is... Continue Reading →

Criminal Trespass

Every individual has a right to the full enjoyment of his property without any disturbance, this is the reason that trespass was made an offence. Even though trespass is ordinary civil wrong where the defendant can sue for damages, but when the trespass is done with a criminal intention, it amounts to criminal trespass. Section... Continue Reading →


According to Section 378 of the Indian Penal Code, Theft is defined as whoever, intending to take dishonestly any movable property out of the possession of any person without that person’s consent, moves that property in order to such taking is said to commit theft. There are five explanations to this definition as stated in... Continue Reading →

Moot Court

Moot is a mock judicial proceeding that is set up to examine a hypothetical case as an academic exercise. Moot court is basically a replica of a real court where legal proceedings and mock trials take place. It is organized for a law student to take part and act as a professional lawyer and take... Continue Reading →

Criminal Conspiracy

Criminal Conspiracy can be defined as an act when two or more persons agree to do cause to do: Any illegal act.Any act which is not illegal by illegal means, such an agreement is defined as a Criminal Conspiracy. This offence is contained in under Section 120A od the IPC. It came into existence by... Continue Reading →

Judicial system in India

The judiciary in India is stated for the welfare of the citizens. It is responsible for the enforcement of law and order in country. The Indian Judicial system follows the common law system based on the recorded judicial precedent from the British era. The court system of India comprises of Supreme Court of India, the... Continue Reading →


Crime is an illegal act or a grave offence against morality for which someone can be punished by the government. To understand crime there is no any universally accepted definition but there are different views of philosophers and jurists. There are uncountable types and classes of crimes and it is increasing continuously day by day.... Continue Reading →

Vicarious Liability

Every person is liable for the acts committed by him and not for the acts done by others but in some cases or situations a person can be liable for the act committed by someone else. This is known as Vicarious Liability. So, for such acts to happen, there must be a specific kind of... Continue Reading →

Case analysis – Tukaram and Another v. State of Maharashtra (Mathura Rape Case)

The infamous case of Tukaram and Another v. State of Maharashtra also known as Mathura Rape case sparked off urgency and uncontrolled conflicts, demanding a bigger change in the sphere of rape laws in India. This case witnessed the first custodial rape of a young girl named Mathura in India. The judgement was given by... Continue Reading →

Rules for OTT platform in India

Digital media has been largely unregulated till now and has allowed complete freedom to content creators. The increase popularity by Indian audience has led to a massive consumption of the content followed by release of a large number of OTT platforms in India. However, this also resulted in numerous controversies including shows both foreign and... Continue Reading →

Need for Indian Space Law

Space age commenced with the launch of first human satellite, Sputnik-1 in 1957 by the Soviet Union which opened doors of space for exploration and activities for the rest of the world. Indian Space Age began in 1962 with setting up of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). India launched its first rocket in 1963 under... Continue Reading →

Status of Marital Rape

Rape is contained in section 375 of the Indian Constitution. By the words of constitution, Rape involves all kind of sexual assault involving nonconsensual intercourse with a woman. The only exception is the act of forcing your spouse into having sex without proper consent. Our law does not recognize marital rape. Marital Rape comes in... Continue Reading →

E-commerce and Law

Internet was first launched in India in 1995 through dial up connection. Ever since then, the Indian e-commerce industry has seen an upward growth. E-commerce has made our life easier by making it possible to get everything with just a few clicks from the convenience our home. In simple terms, e-commerce is a means of... Continue Reading →

Contempt of Court

Contempt of court can be defined as the act of not obeying an order made by the court or showing a lack of respect to the judge or court. In simple words, contempt of court is disrespect to the court of law. A judge can levy sanctions or penalty to someone for being disobedience to... Continue Reading →

Writs in Indian Constitution

Writ is a formal written order issued by a court in the name of the state commanding a party to whom it is addressed to do or abstain from doing something. It is present in Article 32 of the Indian Constitution. Dr Ambedkar called this right has fundamental of all fundamental rights without which the... Continue Reading →

Pink Tax- the cost of being a woman

Pink tax refers to the broad tendency for products used by women under which they are required to pay extra amount of tax. This can also be referred to as price discrimination or gender pricing. The classic example of this is those cheap razors for sale in drug store. There is no difference between male... Continue Reading →

Powers of President

India has a parliamentary form of government which is based on the British system. President along with two houses comprise the parliament of India. In India, the President has the same position as the queen of England. Being the executive head of the country, he enjoys a wide variety of power which is mentioned in... Continue Reading →

Right to Freedom of Religion

The right to freedom of religion forms an integral part of the fundamental right as embedded in our Indian Constitution. It is under Article 25 to 28 of our constitution. Since India is a multi-religion country, it was important for our constitution makers to give equal importance to all the religions. Article 25 to 28... Continue Reading →

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