Article 20 – Constitution of India

Article 20 Article 20 of the Indian constitution deals with the protections provided to an accused or a person convicted of an offense. It Duplicates the normal equity standards of reasonable preliminary in the organization of criminal equity. It protects the person by prohibiting double jeopardy under which the Article incorporates the common law plea... Continue Reading →

application at sebi: issues and prospectus

SEBI is a lawful authoritative body invested with the obligation to deal with the Indian capital business sectors. It screens and controls the financial backers by ensuring their inclinations and the protection market by maintaining certain standards and guidelines. At first, SEBI was presented in 1988 as a nonlegal association however later it was made... Continue Reading →

irretrievable breakdown of marriage

 Irretrievable breakdown of marriage Marriage is the actual premise of a social association. It is the establishment of a family and thusly society without which no development can exist. Marriage is viewed as a ceremony under Hindu Law that is unceasing and insoluble. The law as to relationships has been classified by the Parliament as... Continue Reading →

abetment to suicide

Abetment to suicide Under Indian penal code 1860, abetment to suicide has been criminalized and a person can be imprisoned for a term extending to 10 years and shall also be liable to fine. Abetment is generally defined as helping or encouraging someone to do something, usually wrongdoing. In order to bring an individual abetting... Continue Reading →

Concept of writs

Concept of writs Writs are a composed request from the Supreme Court or High Court that orders protected solutions for Indian Citizens against the infringement of their basic rights. Article 32 in the Indian Constitution manages established cures that an Indian resident can look for from the Supreme Court and High Court against the infringement... Continue Reading →

inchoate offences

Inchoate offenses Criminal law, by and large, doesn't punish the initial two phases. It is consistently feasible for the individual to surrender his detestable expectations. The third and fourth stages, in particular, endeavor to carry out an offense and the genuine commission of the offense, which are individually an immediate development towards the commission of... Continue Reading →

intercountry adoption

Intercountry adoption The act of inter-country adoption came about to a great extent as a sympathetic reaction to the situation of war vagrants and the neglected offspring of servicemen in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Today, the fundamental getting nations are the United States, Canada, and the created nations of... Continue Reading →

Prisoner’s Rights under Article 21

Prisoner rights under Article 21 Article 21 has a very wide scope. It also provides certain safeguards to prisoners under detention. A prisoner under detention has all the fundamental rights except when his liberty is constitutionally curtailed. It was noted by Desai J that the fact that a person is being tried for a crime... Continue Reading →

Article 21

Article 21 Article 21 of the Indian constitution guarantees that no one will be deprived of his life and personal liberty except according to the procedure established by law. It unmistakably implies that this central right has been given against the state as it were. In the event that a demonstration of a private individual... Continue Reading →

The evil practice of Witchcraft

The evil practice of witchcraft Albeit the beginning of lynching may appear to be an outsider idea to Indian culture Indian history has cases to demonstrate that these biases in Indian culture are age-old and profound established. These biases depend on different characters like race, sex, standing, class, religion, and so on They are solid... Continue Reading →

IT Rules, 2021

IT RULES 2021 With the expansion in the number of individuals utilizing web-based media, organizations have a generous need to secure the protection of the client. The substance of the message moves through the public web consequently it gets important to secure the substance and keep it between the beneficiary and the sender. In such... Continue Reading →

Bail Jurisprudence

Bail Jurisprudence Bail is a conditional release of the person whose trial is pending in the court of law. Bail is a bunch of pre-preliminary limitations that are forced on a suspect to guarantee that they won't hamper the legal interaction. The term “bail” has been deduced from the French word “bailer” which means “to... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Adoption in Hindu Law

A son in the Hindu family was considered important because it was presumed that a son in the family would complete religious obligations such as pind daan and continued the legacy of the ancestors. Hence the concept of adoption was devised. Earlier a  daughter was not adopted. It may safely be concluded that the validity... Continue Reading →


“Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture.” ― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Daughters under Hindu law were not considered coparcenary until 2005 where the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 (39 of 2005)... Continue Reading →

Women’s Estate

It was before 1956 that the concept of woman’s estate was established. The property of a woman was divided into two categories that are the Stridhan and the woman’s estate. After 1956 the concept of a woman’s estate was abolished.  The right of a woman on Stridhan is absolute. she can alienate, sell the property,... Continue Reading →

The horrendous practice of mob lynching

The public authority and organization ought to understand that lynching and horde viciousness of any sort will welcome genuine results like insurgency, mayhem, jumble, and in the end, there can be a development of a brutal society. Crowd savagery has been a worry in India for a few years as the nation has seen a... Continue Reading →

Language and New education policy

Communicating in more than one language suggests that the mind has buckled down in the basic advancement stage, and therefore, the child ends up being savvy, has a superior capacity to focus, hindrance, adaptability, and are likewise better at exchanging. Capability in more than one language brings about better vocation possibilities. Alongside creating psychological abilities,... Continue Reading →

Doctrine of Survivorship

In a Hindu joint family, the coparcenary rights over property are shared by the common ancestor and his three lineal male descendants. Under Mitakshara law the right in the property is acquired by birth and the right is enjoyed by him during his lifetime. On the death of the coparcener, the right to property is... Continue Reading →


Negligence, in general, is the breach of duty caused by omission to do something which a reasonable man, guided upon those considerations which ordinarily regulate the conduct of human affairs, would do, or doing something which a prudent and reasonable man would not do. An action for negligence proceeds upon the idea of an obligation... Continue Reading →

Hindu Joint Family and Co-parcenary

Hindu joint family and coparcenary Hindu joint family is an important concept of Hindu jurisprudence. Hindu joint family comprises of common male ancestor and his lineal male descendants up to any generation along with the wives and widows of these descendants, unmarried daughters. Once a daughter is married she becomes a member of the joint... Continue Reading →

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