INTRODUTION:                             Foreign exchange management act is formed to regulate the foreign exchange in India. It is a set of regulations that empowers the Reserve Bank of India to pass regulations and enables the Government of India to pass rules relating to foreign exchange in tune with the foreign trade policy of India. WHAT IS... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION:                              Foreign direct investment simply means purchasing of interest in the company by an investor or a company located outside boarders. Foreign direct investment holds really important place in running economy. Companies considering a foreign direct investment generally look only at companies in open economies that offer a skilled workforce and above-average growth prospects... Continue Reading →

Additional Allocation of Rights Shares

INTRODUCTION:                               Buying shares and trading in the shares have become more and more popular in past few decades. When invested mindfully they give huge returns on the investments. Shareholders can transfer their shares in the name of another or simply can sell the off, this can be done even if person is living in... Continue Reading →

RBI – Transfer of Capital Instrument under FEMA

INTRODUCTION:                              Capital instruments are securities in the form of shares, bonds, etc, that a company sells in order to raise capital. Shares are very important and reliable source of investment; it gives higher returns if invested mindfully. Shareholders can transfer their shares by sale or as a way of gift. These transfers are monitored... Continue Reading →

   Issue of ESOP shares under FEMA

INTRODUCTION:                               Issuing shares is a very important way of raising capital for a company. Company also issues bonus shares and right shares to its shareholders as a way of appreciation for investing in their company, issuing shares under stock option scheme is also a way of issuing shares for giving appreciation to their employees.... Continue Reading →


                                 INTRODUCTION:                               Every public company lists its shares for public subscription in order to gain capital for its functioning. Buyer of these shares is called shareholders and they play very important role in functioning of company. In order to keep their interest and to give something as a way of gift to the shareholders... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION:                               shares and convertible debentures both are transferable documents. Under foreign direct investment policies rules and regulations about such transfer are mentioned. Shares are ownership capital while debentures are borrowed capitals. After purchasing a share or a debenture person gets a certificate of such purchase and that certificate is a transferable document. Shares and... Continue Reading →


                                   INTRODUCTION: Globalization has opened various doors for people and countries to invest and deal globally. With increase in trade and investments need to create laws to protect the interest of people and to prevent malpractices became a necessity. In India we have foreign exchange management act, 1999 (FEMA) to manage and frame regulations... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION:                               Globalization made dealing with different countries easy and efficient, and with increasing amount of business transactions foreign exchange of currencies began to expand. With banking sectors recognising the need, foreign currency accounts came into existence, foreign currency account (FCA) is an account in which a person can hold money which is in different... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION:                                Animals are undividable part of human life; they have co-existed with humans for millions of years. Animals also play very important role in food chain. Just like it is important to protect them from getting extinct, it is also important to protect them from abuse they face because of human race. Human beings... Continue Reading →

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