Hindu Law and its orgins

Hindu law is derived from various sources. It can be divided into two heads; a) Ancient sources (i.e Shruti, smriti, commentaries and digests), b) Modern sources (i.e Precedents, legislations, judicial decisions) Ancient sources:  Shruti- These are believed to contain the words of god, they are the divine utterances to be found in the four vedas... Continue Reading →

Right to Food as found under International and Indian Law

The right to food is an important and hotly debated topic since time immemorial. Food is required for survival of human life, sufficient food of quality is required for living human life with a sense of dignity.   The right to food is considered to be a fundamental right as per national law of several countries... Continue Reading →

Critical Examination of the features of Minto-Morley reforms (Indian Councils Act of 1909)

The Indian Councils Act, 1909 was named after the renowned viceroy Lord Minto as well as the secretary of state Lord Morely. This act was considered to be the success of the INC led by the moderates. The act aimed at increasing the number of non official members as well as enlarged legislative councils.Some of... Continue Reading →

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