Company or Corporation whether Citizen of India?

Introduction The law recognises two kinds of person, namely, natural persons and legal persons who are artificial creations of law. A natural person is a living human being and legal person, on the other hand, is any subject matter to which the law attributes legal personality. Legal personality being the creation of law, can be... Continue Reading →

environmental protection under constitution of india

Introduction A rapid increase in global warming, deforestation, air, water and other forms of pollution is posing a great threat to the environment and its living beings. The degradation of the environment through a plethora of activities carried on by individuals is detrimental to the health of all the living beings, including human beings, plants... Continue Reading →

volenti non-fit injuria

Introduction Harm suffered voluntarily by the consent of the plaintiff is not actionable. This principle of law is generally known as ‘Volenti Non-Fit Injuria’ i.e., what is consented to is not an injury. It may be of two kinds which is Expressed consent.Implied consent. Express consent: According to Salmond, no man can force a right... Continue Reading →

wrongs of strict liability

Generally, a man is held liable for his negligence which results into harm or violation of rights of others. But there are certain exceptions to this general principle of liability. Such cases are those where a person is held liable for his act even though he did not do it intentionally or negligently. In other... Continue Reading →

Lifestyle created by covid

When Covid 19 started in March 2020, it was a hard time for everyone, whether rich or poor, it affected us all. While it brought great calamities in our daily life, we also struggled mentally and physically. Some days we feel chipper and feel productive and worked towards it while some days we have struggled... Continue Reading →

promissory note

Promissory Note Introduction Many a time, people offer to lend money to their close friends or family solely on the basis of mutual trust and regard hoping that  the person borrowing will repay the debt sooner or later. Nevertheless, there are cases when the borrower forgets to keep his/her promise and it soon becomes a... Continue Reading →

Is Capital Punishment Ethical in India?

Introduction The practice of awarding punishments is a very important part of the criminal justice system as it a form of society’s manifestation of the admonition of the crime by a collective conscience as specified by Durkheim. The entire goal of punishment can be justified by a sociological perspective and it attains legitimacy by a... Continue Reading →

Elements of Crime

Introduction Criminal law is a body of rules and statues that defines conduct prohibited by the state because it threatens and harms public safety and welfare and that establishes punishment to be imposed for the commission of such acts. Criminal law differs from civil law whose emphasis is more on dispute resolution than in punishment.... Continue Reading →

Legal Status of Unborn Person, Dead Man and Animals

Introduction The main object of law is to regulate the relationship between individuals in the society. The validity of act and omissions of a person is determined on the basis of the reasonableness. All those acts which do not adversely affect the interest of others are held to be lawful where is acts which interfere... Continue Reading →

Who cannot be sued for Tort ?

Introduction The word ‘Tort’ is a Latin term ‘Tortum’ which means ‘twisting out’, implying conduct which is twisted or unlawful. This term was used in due course of time in English Courts for those special wrongs which allowed action in tort to give remedies. Thus, it consists of those wrongs or unlawful acts which violate... Continue Reading →

Difference between Ownership & Possession

Introduction: Most of us think that the terms ownership and possession refers to the same thing. Both ownership, as well as possession, can simply define as a state, act, or right of owning something. However, the right to ownership is most important right. The earlier legal systems did not recognise the distinction between ownership and... Continue Reading →

Jeremy Bentham’s Theory of Utilitarianism

Bentham as an individualist believed that the function of law is to emancipate individual from the bandage and restraint upon his freedom. He supported the economic principle of laissez-faire which meant minimum interference of the State in the economic activities of individuals. Bentham propounded the principle of Utilitarianism. According to this theory, the right aim... Continue Reading →

What is the significance of RTI Act?

Introduction We, the people of India, pay taxes from our earnings so that the nation can run. We give our tax to the government; it means the government is mainly there to serve us and not to serve themselves. As we are paying taxes, we should have every right to know how the government is... Continue Reading →

Regionalism and Linguism: Important Features in Indian Politics – Part 2

Various forms of Regional Conflicts:   Demand for Secession from Indian Union It is extreme form of regionalism that region demand that it wants to break away from the Indian union. The DMK in Tamil Nadu, the Akali Dal in Punjab and the Mizos and Nagas in North-East India and more recently the supporters of... Continue Reading →

Regionalism and Linguism: Important Features in Indian Politics – Part 1

Introduction: The term regionalism is generally used for the counter movement to any exaggerated or opposite form of centralization. It is also used to refer to assertion of distinct ethnic, linguist or economic interest by various groups within the nation. In simple words, we understand that the term regionalism has two connotations. In the negative... Continue Reading →

My First Internship Experience

2020 has been a challenging year and so is 2021. I am going to finish my second year this month. All my friends are working or have been working for a long time but nobody told me the challenges we face and its harder to get internships or jobs out there, especially for a law... Continue Reading →

Impact of Consumer Protection Act, 2019 on Common Man

Introduction The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (“New Act”) received the President’s assent on August 9, 2019 and has replaced the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (“Old Act”). Most of the important sections have been notified with effect from July 20, 2020 marking the beginning of the New Act and making it largely operative and applicable throughout... Continue Reading →

Covid Appropriate Behaviour

Introduction 2020 has brought unprecedented challenges with Covid-19 claiming many lives. The indomitable human spirit and collective community effort has gone a long way in curbing transmission of Covid-19. However, the pandemic is not over yet and we need to make behavioral adaptions to live with this new normal. All India Institute of Medical Sciences... Continue Reading →

Is Gaza burning the way social media portrayed it?

The coverage of the clashes in Jerusalem and the rocket fire that followed has focused disproportionately on Israel’s actions, either on the airstrikes that occurred or threatened evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and clashes in Al-Aqsa Mosque. This may not be surprising, but it also has helped frame the current conflict as largely a product of... Continue Reading →


Introduction A person can ensure as to how his property should devolve and to whom it shall devolve, after his death, through a Will. If a person dies without leaving behind his Will, his property would devolve by the way of law of intestate succession and not testamentary succession (i.e. in accordance to the Will)... Continue Reading →

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