The start-up opened up in 2019 with an aim to provide cold storage solutions to farmers at a feasible cost. Tan90 is a thermal management company providing energy-efficient and cost-effective thermal solutions to businesses. Founders of Tan90 are Shiv Sharma, Rajnikant Rai and Dr. Soumalya Mukherjee.  The start-up works in a B2B market where it... Continue Reading →

Rooter- The streaming platform

The world is revolving around technology. Technology is has covered almost every aspecxt of human life and daily chores. Gaming is one such subject which hasb observed relative growth with the advancement of technology. The gaming universe have something for everyone. You can play games on live stream and those who are not so good... Continue Reading →

GetVantage- start-up in one of its kind

Following the growth potential in the near future, two fintech veterans Bhavik Vasa and Amikt Srivastava co-founded GetVantage in 2019. The start-up works on the B2B2C model. To understand the product this star-up has to offer, it essential TO understand the concept of revenue-based financing. The concept of revenue-based fundraising is in fashion now. Also... Continue Reading →


We have something for everyone. With its motto the start-up provides revenue-based funding to businesses.

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