Origin and development of international humanitarian law

International Humanitarian Law is a part of public international law which mainly concerns itself with rules and regulations during the armed conflict. The main objective of International Humanitarian Law is to protect people who are not a part of hostilities of war and also with the warfare techniques employed by the state who are at... Continue Reading →

Criminal Justice System of India

Criminal Justice System In India only about 16 out of 100 people booked for criminal offences are finally convicted. Low rate of conviction points to the inefficiency of the Criminal Justice System of India – which includes the police, prosecutors, and the judiciary. This results in a big problem of people losing faith in the Criminal... Continue Reading →

Custodial death in India

A death in custody is a death of a person in custody of the police, other authorities or in prison. In the 21st century, death in custody remains a controversial subject, with the authorities often being accused of abuse, neglect, racism cover-ups of the causes of these deaths. Custodial death is one of the worst crimes... Continue Reading →

Trade Secret Worldwide

Trade secret is a confidential information which is not known to others. A trade secret refers to the information related to business not generally known to public and which the owner reasonably tends to keep the information secret and confidential. The information must derive economic value either actual or potential. The secret must hold a... Continue Reading →

Interim relief under section 9 and 17 of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

Interim relief under Section 9  A plain reading of the section 9 indicates that a party may before or during the arbitral proceedings or at any time after making of the arbitral award but before it is enforced in accordance with section 36, may apply, to the court for interim measure of protection. Prayers for... Continue Reading →

Merger of COMPAT and NCLAT

Recently, the Government of India decided to merge the Competition Appellate Tribunal (COMPAT) with the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT). In the recent past, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has often found itself at the receiving end of the COMPAT, in more ways than one. While the debate is still going on as... Continue Reading →

Concept of Mediation in India

Mediation is an age old process of dispute resolution practiced since vedic period.It is a low cost, keeping the matters, especially family matters secret among three parties, two parties & the mediator. Moreover, the solution is not imposed in any party, it is a solution that both the parties agreed to. It, thus gives an... Continue Reading →

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