Impact of Covid-19 on Global Economy

Impact of Covid-19 on Global Economy Abstract The World Health Organisation (WHO) first announced a public health emergency considering the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020. Since the first detection of the virus in Wuhan, a Chinese Province, it has been traced in over 190+ nations including all the U.S. territories. Around the beginning of... Continue Reading →

Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India, 1978

Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India, 1978 AIR 597, 1978 SCR (2) 621 Abstract The landmark ruling in Maneka Gandhi versus Union of India, which stands as a bulwark of the Right of Personal Liberty granted by Article 21 of the Constitution, started when the passport of the petitioner, in this case, was impounded by... Continue Reading →

The Rise of Cybercrimes in India during the Pandemic

The Rise of Cybercrimes in India during the Pandemic Abstract In the time of chaos in the pandemic, as the world is suffering through a major health crisis many other dark elements with atrociousness and treacherousness have risen since the lockdown had started. As people were in their respective homes and following the rules of... Continue Reading →

Mathura Rape Case (1972): Summary

Mathura Rape Case (1972): Summary Abstract The infamous case of Tukaram and Another v. State of Maharashtra, more commonly known as the Mathura Rape Case, sparked off vehemence and uncurbed conflicts, leading to radical changes in the sphere of rape laws governing India. This case witnessed the problem of custodial rape of a young girl... Continue Reading →

Investment in cryptocurrency : an Indian perspective

Investment in cryptocurrency : an Indian perspective Introduction: If you hear the words Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency then you may find 100s of articles explaining the terminologies on the internet but they are filled with jargon and are difficult to understand especially for a person from a non-tech background. This article will try to explain... Continue Reading →

Rise in Domestic violence due to the Pandemic

Rise in Domestic violence due to the Pandemic Introduction: Domestic violence, as defined by the World Health Organisation, is the intentional use of physical force or power, or threatening to use physical force or power against oneself, against another person, or against a group resulting or likely to result in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment... Continue Reading →

Impacts on environment law due to COVID-19

Impacts on environment law due to COVID-19 Introduction: What the world is experiencing right now due to the Covid-19 virus can be only one among many such an upcoming crisis. On Earth, we all are part of a single ecosystem and all lives are connected. This outbreak has reminded everyone that the fact that humans,... Continue Reading →

Insolvency Laws and the Covid-19 effects

Insolvency Laws and the Covid-19 effects Introduction: Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, the suspension of new insolvency cases, as well as the NCLT and the appellate tribunal transitioning to virtual trials, seem to have slowed the speed of resolution for distressed assets and realization for creditors. The article deals with the impact of the pandemic... Continue Reading →

Presumptions in Statutory Interpretation

Presumptions in Statutory Interpretation Introduction: The word ‘Interpretation’ is derived from the Latin term ‘interpretari’ which means to explain or expound or to understand or translate. Interpretation is a process through which one arrives at the true and correct intention of the law-making body which is laid in the form of statutes. This helps in... Continue Reading →

Child Abuse: Meaning and Preventive measures

Child Abuse Abstract The term “child abuse” means mistreatment of a child by a parent or another adult. It is difficult to give a precise definition of child abuse in the absence of any standard definition of child abuse. Child abuse may refer to life threatening physical violence which includes severe beating. The instances of... Continue Reading →

Jurisdiction of the Criminal Courts in Inquiries and Trials

Jurisdiction of the Criminal Courts in Inquiries and Trials under CrPC, 1973 (Sections 177- 189) Abstract When an offence has been committed at a particular place, usually the court in whose jurisdiction the crime has been committed has the jurisdiction to inquire into and try that case, but doubt arises when the offence has been... Continue Reading →

Mohori Bibee V. Dharmodas Ghose (Case analysis)

Mohori Bibee V. Dharmodas Ghose (Case Analysis) Introduction: The law relating to contracts in India is contained in the Indian Contract Act, 1872. The Act was passed by British India and is based on the principles of English Common Law. It is applicable to all the states of India except the state of Jammu and... Continue Reading →

Kesavananda Bharati Vs State Of Kerala Sc 1973

Kesavananda Bharati Vs State Of Kerala Sc 1973 Abstract No doubt, one of the most heard and landmark cases in India because of many obvious reasons. One of them being this case was heard by the largest bench constituted by the Supreme Court of India, a bench consisting of Thirteen Supreme Court Judges. BENCH: 13... Continue Reading →

Arrest and Procedure for Arrest under The Criminal Procedure Code,1973

Arrest and Procedure for Arrest under The Criminal Procedure Code,1973 (Section 41 to 60) Introduction: An Arrest is an act of taking a person into custody as he/she may be suspected of a crime or an offence. It is done because a person is apprehended for doing something wrong. After arresting a person further procedures... Continue Reading →

Place of Individual in International Law and Extradition and Asylum

Place of Individual in International Law and Extradition and Asylum Individuals in International Law: Individual, in a legal sense, is a broader term and in international law, individuals include human beings, foundations, and legal commercial enterprises. Though not all individuals have the same rights, it is considered in a broader sense. Before 1945, international law... Continue Reading →

Criminal Conspiracy (Section 120-A & 120-B) under Indian Penal Code, 1860

Criminal Conspiracy (Section 120-A & 120-B) under Indian Penal Code, 1860 Abstract This chapter has introduced a new offence of “Criminal Conspiracy” in the Indian Penal Code, by making the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act,1913. Criminal conspiracy means an agreement to commit an offence. Definition: Section 120-A defines Criminal Conspiracy as under: “When two or more... Continue Reading →

Rights of Unpaid Seller against Goods

Rights of Unpaid Seller against Goods:  What are the rights of an unpaid seller? Abstract A seller is considered as an “unpaid seller” if he has not paid or received the whole price of the goods sold by him. In every contract of sale, a seller is under an obligation to deliver the goods sold... Continue Reading →

Right of Private Defence(Section 96-106) under IPC, 1860

Right of Private Defence (Section 96-106) under Indian Penal Code, 1860 Abstract Under these sections, the “Right of Private Defence” is discussed as a justifiable defence. In such a defence, the act committed by a person is apparently an offence (because, it is done with due deliberation or intention), but still it is deemed to... Continue Reading →

What is a Free Consent?

What is Free Consent? Abstract Free Consent, in simple terms, means giving consent to a person for the performance of an act at one’s own will. But in the context of the Indian law both the term free consent and consent have their own importance and wide meaning. In this article, I would throw light... Continue Reading →

Giving False Evidence and Fabricating False Evidence (Section 191 to 194)

Giving False Evidence and Fabricating False Evidence (Section 191 to 194) Abstract Evidence is every type of proof legally presented at trial (allowed by the judge) which is intended to convince the judge and/or jury of alleged material facts of the case. Evidence is any statement required or permitted by the court on oath and... Continue Reading →

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