Failure of Constitutional Machinery (President’s Rule)

   The Failure of Constitutional Machinery is nothing but the President’s Rule. President’s Rule means the suspension of State Government and imposition of direct Union Government Rule in a State. The provisions related to President’s Rule has been provided in Indian Constitution under the article 356.      According to Article 356 , the President, on... Continue Reading →

Elections and its firmness in Dispute Resolution

Elections and it’s firmness in dispute resolution  The word Democracy means the rule of people, for the people and by the people. To ensure the phrase ‘rule by the people’ , Elections are held in an democratic country. Hence, elections are the process by which people select their representatives in the government. Since in a... Continue Reading →

The New Trend of Online Classes

       All around the world has been stopped due to the pandemic. And the New trends has emerged in every aspects of the life. And the major emerging trend is the Online Classes for all the students. This has become a New Normal aspect of the Human lifestyle. Digital Learning has become an essential thing... Continue Reading →

Bugs of Indian Education System

       Education has the crucial role to play in the development of a person individually and subsequently the entire nation. Though the history of Indian Education System has some major achievements to exhibit but it has been receiving some flak from the world in recent days , those can’t be neglected that we are quite... Continue Reading →

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