Environmental Issues & Human Intervention : A Direct Threat to Royals Kingdom- # Save Sunderbans

Introduction Understanding The Mangrove Forests: - Mangroves are the plant-communities occurring in inter-tidal zones along the coasts of subtropical countries and Tropical countries. - Mangrove forests perform multiple ecological functions like production of woody trees, provision for habitat, food and spawning grounds facilities for fin-fish and shellfish, provide provision of habitat for different beautiful and... Continue Reading →

Study India Energy Conservation With The Energy Conservation Act, 2001

Introduction The growing demand for energy has led to the burning of fossil fuels in an exceedingly great amount which directly impacted the environment. It’s vital to use energy with efficiency and its conservation is that the prime priority. There’s s a study wherever it’s aforesaid that just around about 25000 power unit will be... Continue Reading →

The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act, 2016

Introduction The Union Environment Ministry of India has transferred the ₹47,436 crore to 27 States for afforestation. The funds are pending from long in form of dues, a part of the Compensatory Afforestation Fund (CAF), that has been collected for nearly a few decade as environmental compensation from industry. (1) The funds transferred are in... Continue Reading →

Living inside Gas Chamber- Study Delhi Pollution with Major Case

Living in Delhi is = Smoking fifty cigarettes every single day Introduction The Air Quality Index(AQI) level at 100 is considered as normal, but in Delhi the AQI is 267, is consider as very unhealthy and very bad and fall under “poor” in scale of pollution level. The smog effects the visibility during riding vehicles... Continue Reading →


Earth is our mother, it’s our duty to protect the diversity on it. Introduction The Biological Diversity Act, 2002 was coming out of India’s attempt to realise the objectives enshrined in the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 1992 which recognising the sovereign rights of states to use their own Biological Resource. (A) Biodiversity... Continue Reading →

Negligence Still Continues – Study The Vizag Gas Leak in Visakhapatnam (2020) from Prospective of Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Oleum gas leak landmark Judgement

It’s Not Just about Vizag And Bhopal - It’s all about people life and environment. The Night of Bhopal gas Disaster and Years after That At the time, it was called the worst industrial accident in history. On December 3, 1984, approximately 45 ton of the damaging gas methyl isocyanate escaped from an insecticide plant... Continue Reading →

Case Analysis – M.C. Mehta v. Kamal Nath & Ors – Origin of Public Trust Doctrine in India

Understanding the Public Trust Doctrine The records of the doctrine is traced to the Roman emperor, Justinian. Emperor Justinian proclaims in Book 2 of his,He institutes: By the law of nature these things are common for mankind—the air, running water, the sea, and consequently the shores of the sea. No one, therefore, is forbidden to... Continue Reading →

The Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 And Landmark Judgements

Delhi High Court has held that right to access to drinking water is fundamental to life and there is a duty of the State under Article 21 of the Constitution to provide clean drinking water to its citizens. The Delhi High Court presided over by J. Jayant Nath laid down this ratio in the case... Continue Reading →


Water,Water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink- Samuel Taylor Coleridge from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner The Statistics of Water Pollution in India: In the winter session of Parliament on 2nd December 2021, the central government has admitted that water is now polluted in many states of India. 1. The amount of lead is... Continue Reading →


★ Let the Child be a Child, Stop Child Marriage. - Anonymous Key Facts in India about Child Marriage- ● One in three of the world’s child brides live in India. Of the country’s 223 million child brides, 102 million were married before turning 15. ● Over half of Indian child brides live in five... Continue Reading →

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