Introduction Child Labour is a modern-day evil that impacts every aspect of society from economy to geography. In a phase, where a child should be studying and gaining skills, we find them working out a ‘chai ki tapri’ or in a hazardous factory.  As per UNICEF, there are 5.6 million boys and 4.5 million girls... Continue Reading →

Case Analysis – Githa Hariharan and Ors.  v. Reserve Bank of India and Ors.

Hon’ble Judges Dr. A.S. Anand, CJI.M. Srinivasan, J.U.C. Banerjeee, J. Facts of the case The Petitioner, Ms. Githa Hariharan, married Dr. Mohan Ram and they had a son named Rishi born in July 1984. The Petitioner applied for RBI Relief bonds in the name of her son Rishab, a minor at the time of application... Continue Reading →

Vulgar Display of Women and Indian Law

Introduction So many things in this world but all women want two things out of it i.e Dignity and Respect, but nowadays we see a ton of incidents where the modesty of a woman is violated. Violence against women takes many forms, from marital rape to sex slavery, out of which one of the alarming... Continue Reading →

Domestic violence against men – Problem?

Introduction Domestic violence is acts of violence or abuse against a person living in a household and the worst thing about this violence is that it comes from within the household by an immediate family member. Recent trends show that not only women but men also experience domestic violence or Intimate Partner Violence. There are... Continue Reading →

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