Inspirational Women – Hima Das

Hima das is an Indian sprinter, who achieved great success and recognition by rising through extremely tough times. She is an inspiration to all the athletes that come from small villages and have big dreams. Hima was born on 9th January 2009, at Kandhulmari village near Dhing town in Assam. Her parents are farmers, and... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Woman – Sudha Murty

Sudha Murty is an inspiration, an idealist and an optimist. She is a social worker, a teacher, an author. She is the first female engineer to be hired at India’s largest auto manufacturer, Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO). She is also the chair person of the Infosys Foundation. She was born on 19th August,... Continue Reading →


The COVID-19 Pandemic hit us all around the world when we were least expecting it. People of all ages were severed but the elders were the ones who were at the most risk as stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Because the virus and the effects caused by it were unknown it lead to... Continue Reading →

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