In the early economies, the service sector was primarily underdeveloped because governments failed to respond to the growing demand for services. However, with the shift to market economies, the service sectors have grown rapidly to meet the rising needs of the emerging private sector. The structure of an economy can be seen by comparing its... Continue Reading →

Caste and Castelessness in the Indian society

“The abolition of caste as demanded during pre-independence period had led to a predicament whereby the need to delegitimize caste was in conflict with the commitment to redress the disabilities of caste.” The article retraces sociological, political, constitutional and judicial perspectives and the emergence and rise of the notion of castelessness. When the caste system... Continue Reading →

Caste and Globalization

The emergence of new economic relations during 1970s made the agricultural labourers and poor peasants aware of their economic plight and they started breaking away from the domination of powerful caste organizations like the agricultural labourers organizations, the dalit organizations and sometimes under caste-influenced class forms. Despite a number of constitutional safeguards the condition of... Continue Reading →

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