Rehabilitation of cyclone yaas- part iii

Conclusion When a crisis strikes, a man is a man’s best friend. In the name of humanity, India witnessed people uniting upfront in the name of protection and attempts at rehabilitation. Calamities are prone to everywhere life is found, there is no denying or escaping them but we can always wish for strength to bounce... Continue Reading →

Rehabilitation of cyclone yaas-part i

A brief overview Unbeknownst to Indians who were busy tackling the deadly second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic, a hazardous tropical cyclone struck West Bengal, Odisha, and Southern Bangladesh on May 26, 2021, merely nine days after Cyclone Tauktae lashed at India along its Arabian Sea Coast. Indian Meteorological Department reported Cyclone Yaas to have hit... Continue Reading →

Rehabilitation of cyclone yaas- Part ii

Damage and Impact of Cyclone Yaas Coinciding with the perigean spring tide, an especially high tide caused by the sun and moon being slightly closer to Earth than usual, the storm surge in the sea and rivers triggered by Yaas caused widespread damage to thatched houses, standing crops, and trees in the rural belt of... Continue Reading →

Paika Rebillion- The Untold Story of 1st Revolution of India

I ask all of you which is the 1st revolution of India against the British rule for freedom, the majority will answer the revolt of 1857, but in reality, the 1st revolution of India was the 1817 revolt of Paika Bidroh (Rebellion) by the Paikas of Khurda in Odisha, which completely shook the foundation of... Continue Reading →

Bhopal Gas TRAGEDY- (CASE Analysis)

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Case Analysis IntroductionAn extremely poisonous cloud of methyl isocyanate (MIC) vapor exploded in the town of Bhopal from the Union Carbide Pesticide Factory on 3 December 1984. Of the 800,000 people who were living at the time in Bhopal, 2,000 were suddenly killed and 300,000 were injured. The MIC was an important... Continue Reading →

Nani Palkhivala-The Legend Who Saved Our Democracy

Think what happened if the amendments like there were no court trial against any Prime Minister either in past served for just one day, current or in future, and the term of President would be just 1 year enacted. Yes, you heard it right, these all bills are draft by the government of Indira Gandhi... Continue Reading →

Rape – some thing you need to talk about not shy about

Rape is just a four-letter word but the female who is being raped is locked in the four walls permanently by our society. According to NCRB data of 2018, 1 rape is reported every 15 minutes. But is it her fault, then why she has to lose her actual identity? she can't live like others,... Continue Reading →

New Toll Plaza Rules

Context Now the long waiting at toll plaza on National Highways is going to be end, Surprise? But yes this is true, thanks to National Highway Authorirty of India(NHAI) to issues new guidlines. What are the new guidlines? The guidlines are for the waiting time period of the cars on toll plaza, NHAI wants smooth... Continue Reading →

Strict Liability

                         Introduction Strict liability is a topic of the Law of Torts. The concept of strict liability evolved from the very famous case Rylands V. Fletcher of 1868, in which the House OF Lord gives the rule of ‘NO FAULT’ liability which means even if the defendant has no intention to cause any harm, even... Continue Reading →

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