Sources of Law

INTRODUCTION There are several sources from which we obtain what we know to be law. In layman’s words, law is … More

Arbitral Tribunal

INTRODUCTION Arbitration was created as a technique to avoid the difficulties associated with civil litigation in courts. It first appeared … More

What is Copyright

INTRODUCTION Copyright law, as the name implies, is a straightforward legislation that states that if you create anything, you own … More

Unfair Trade Practice

INTRODUCTION The employment of various dishonest, fraudulent, or immoral ways to gain business is referred to as unfair commercial practises. … More

Sources of Muslim Law

INTRODUCTION Muslim law is a religious rule that applies to anybody who is Muslim by birth or through conversion. Islamic … More

Sources of Hindu law

INTRODUCTION Hindu law is composed of different texts and scriptures; the development of Hindu law was both natural and, at … More


INTRODUCTION As we all know, our country is a democratic one, and it is the largest democratic country in the … More