Tort- Remedy by way of Writ Jurisdiction.

A writ is a quick remedy against injustice, a device for the protection of the rights of citizens against any encroachment by the governmental authority. writs originated in Britain where they were king’s or queen’s ‘prerogative’ writs and were commands to the judicial tribunals or other bodies to do or not to do something. Since writs... Continue Reading →

Dil dhadakne do- A movie Review.

Though this movie was released in 2015, I watched it just the day before yesterday. And believe me, this movie is amazing, really amazing. Why didn't t watch it earlier? Ughh!! The cast of the movie is also superb. Farhan Akhtar, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Anil Kapoor. This movie was made to... Continue Reading →

Truth or Imagination.

Harry woke up. It was on 15 April 2015. A usual morning, a usual day but not for Harry. He felt something, in starting he couldn't figure out what was that but after a few minutes he discerned. That 'something' was EMPTINESS. He felt vacant but why? He lived alone. His mother was with his... Continue Reading →

Husband support towards the wife.

India is a developing country in every aspect including its society. Indian society well let's say it is still backwards in few aspects. Few families don't even let their daughter-in-law do the job and humiliate them too. It's then their husband support that gives them strength and courage to speak up. Husband trust and support... Continue Reading →

Article 19 of the Indian Constitution and Its people.

Article 1 9 of the Constitution of India states that Protection of certain rights regarding freedom of speech-1- All citizens shall have the right2-to freedom of speech and expression;3- to assemble peaceably and without arms;4- to form associations or unions;5-to move freely throughout the territory of India;6- to reside and settle in any part of... Continue Reading →

Covid and My Life.

Covid-19, everyone has lost a lot in these 1.5 years. I personally have lost a lot too. I lost my grandma due to covid last month. She was the one who supported me even if I was wrong. She did a lot of things for me but I was not able to repay even half... Continue Reading →

Euthanasia in India.

Euthanasia means killing a person who is in a vegetative state. It is being practised in the world since the time of Ancient Greece. There are two types of Euthanasia I.e. Active and passive whereas three kinds of Euthanasia I.e. Voluntary, Non- Voluntary and Involuntary. In India, Passive Euthanasia is legalised in March 2018 after... Continue Reading →


Men live in a society. They differ in their ideas, aims and ideals. Hence, there must be some 'uniform rules' to control their activities. Duh!! Laws. The concept of law occupies a significant place in political theory. Law has closely associated with State that State without the law is anarchic and law without a state... Continue Reading →

” I want my life back.”- Britney Spears.

Money indeed cannot buy happiness. We have yet another example of the same in front of us. Britney spears is an America based pop- singer. Who doesn't know her? But she was put under conservatorship following her very public breakdown in 2008. Following a year of seemingly erratic behaviour such as shaving her head and... Continue Reading →

Capacity To Sue.

Generally, every person can sue, liability to be sued in tort. There are some fluctuations to this rule in the case of certain persons and their position. Such position are as follows: (1) Act Of State: An act done in exercise of sovereign power in relation to another State or subjects of another State is... Continue Reading →

Social media and Bullying.

We can see a person getting bullied from our school to our Instagram to YouTube. People don't understand that in what way their one act can affect another. Your single taunt or jeer on someone can be so severe that you never would have thought of it. Mere passing your judgment from sitting in front... Continue Reading →

Does really ‘NO MEANS NO’?

Rape. In India it's common. Every day in the newspaper you can find an article or two about it. It's ban, right? There is a section for it in IPC ( Indian Penal Code) and punishment for the same. However, there is no effect for the same in society. Why? A big question mark. Let... Continue Reading →

Liability For Animals.

The liability for the damage done by animals can be studied under the following three heads: (1) The Scienter Rule: The liability of the defendant under this rule depends upon the knowledge of the dangerous character of the animals. If the defendant has not been able to properly control the animal which he knows or... Continue Reading →

Malicious Prosecution.

Definition: A judicial proceeding instituted by one person against another from wrongful or improper motive and without probable cause to sustain it. It is said to be a prosecution on some charge of crime which is willful, wanton or reckless or against the prosecutor's sense of duty and right or for ends he knows or... Continue Reading →

Pink Tax.

Women are often referred to as extravagant, spending a lot of money, shopping now and then but what about the concept of Pink Tax? Forget about the concept, why 'Pink Tax' came in the first place. According to Wikipedia:The pink tax refers to the broad tendency for products marketed specifically toward women to be more expensive than... Continue Reading →

Impact of Dysfunctional family on children.

I will turn 20 next month and in this article, I am writing everything that I experienced in my 1/4th life utilized. I am the type of person who doesn't know who I am? I am confused, broken, sometimes sad, I really don't know. Maybe it's just my teen-life crisis. In my life, I did... Continue Reading →


In India, you will find people more interested in your life than their own. Neighbour Aunties watch your every move like when you go when you return everything and then that becomes their gossip subject. Your one act is equal to their one week of gossip. That's how our Indian female society works.This reminds me... Continue Reading →

How and why I joined Law College?

I was always mediocre in my studies. Always ranked between 10-15 in my class. Sometimes( 2-3 times) between 15-20. Well, all my cousins were topper. They topped all their classes. Indian Kids can relate with me to this. Pressure, judgments, Jeer etc etc.I was always taunted and compared by my parents. On the contrary, it... Continue Reading →


Defamation is an injury to the reputation of a person. If a person injured the reputation of another he does so at your own risk as in the case of an interference with the property. A man's reputation is his property and if possible more valuable than the property. There are two types of Defamation:... Continue Reading →

State, Society And Nation.

The state is a political institution. It is the greatest of all human associations. Every individual is a member of the state. The term 'State' is derived from the word 'Status', which was first used by Teutons. Now the term 'State' is loosely used as synonymous with 'Government', 'Nation', 'Society' etc.According to Aristotle," State is... Continue Reading →

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