Should fathers be given Paternity Leave

Should Fathers be given Paternity Leave? Albeit paid leave is regularly outlined as an issue that matters to working ladies, paid parental leave is moreover fundamentally significant for fathers. Approaches that guarantee fathers have the help they need to organize their family duties, while additionally satisfying work needs; can essentially expand the individual and monetary... Continue Reading →

Should attempt to Suicide be decriminalized – Part – 4

In Favour :-  The individual, who endeavours self destruction, feels crushed in life as of now. On the off chance that she/he kicks the bucket, there is no doubt of capture. However, whenever fizzled, her/his life may turn out to be more hopeless as a result of discipline. Along these lines, there are contentions that... Continue Reading →

Should attempt to Suicide be decriminalized – Part – 3

Present Scenario (legal)  The public authority has moved from a lawful point of view to a more clinical viewpoint by decriminalizing the endeavour to perpetrate self destruction. The Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 which supplanted the previous Mental Health Act of 1987, has changed the entire idea of law with respect to an endeavour to self... Continue Reading →

Should attempt to Suicide be decriminalized – Part – 2

Tending to unaddressed issues  Another idea presented, presents new inquiries. Since rebuffing an individual who endeavoured self destruction filled no need and to change the standpoint of individuals regarding the matter, self destruction was decriminalized. Be that as it may, as expressed previously, it offered ascend to numerous inquiries of which three intriguing ones are... Continue Reading →

Should attempt to Suicide be decriminalized – Part – 1

Should attempt to suicide be decriminalized? Introduction  Self destruction is alluded to as the demonstration of self-killing or murdering of oneself. It is a deliberate demonstration whereby the individual finishes his/her life to get away from misfortunes they face. While there can be numerous reasons which push somebody to take their life, the fundamental reason... Continue Reading →

Secularism 6

Issues of Secularism in India  Most likely we are moving from religiousness to mainstream lifestyle. In any case, confirmations show that religious convictions have not completely declined in our general public. Communalism, fundamentalism and Sikhism in India recommend that no essential association exists among modernisation and secularization. Some components are being resuscitated and renewed. In... Continue Reading →

Secularism – 5

How will the administration deal with people assigned as unlawful migrants?  They will confront arraignment, extradition and detainment. Confinement focuses are being worked at a few areas across India to house these unlawful travellers likely including those Muslim Indians who don't fit the bill for the NRC. In light of the absence of removal concurrences... Continue Reading →

Secularism 4

India's New Citizenship Law and its Anti-Secular Implications  Over the previous month, India has seen monstrous fights the nation over against the section of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) by the Indian Parliament and the execution of the National Register of Citizens. At first, understudies drove fights the law and confronted a fierce police reaction.... Continue Reading →

Secularism – 3

Dangers to Secularism  While, the Indian Constitution announces the state being totally nonpartisan to all religion, our general public has saturated with religion. Blending of Religion and Politics that is activation of decisions on grounds of early stage characters like religion, rank and nationality, have placed Indian secularism at serious risk.  Public legislative issues works... Continue Reading →

Secularism 2

Importance of the Indian Model of Secularism  Rajeev Bhargava, a prominent political scholar, holds an alternate idea according to conceptualization of secularism. He protects the idea of Indian secularism by supporting the hypothesis of principled removing. He contends that Indian secularism is diverse as it has not risen like the western origination of intra-religious emergency... Continue Reading →

Secularism – 1

Introduction For me, the word 'secular' holds no fear. Rather, I am aware of the organizers of India's secular constitution, for example, B R Ambedkar and Rajendra Prasad. Their aim in elevating secularism was to perceive officially the religious variety of Indian culture. Mohandas Gandhi, the motivation behind the Constitution, was himself a profoundly religious... Continue Reading →

Role of NGOs in India

Role of NGOs in India   NGOs are intentional associations (VOs). These are famously known as NGOs since they are liberated from administrative control in their working. They are popularity based and open to each one of those wishing to become individual from the association intentionally and serve the general public.  Consequently, they have accepted a... Continue Reading →

Should Physical Education be made compulsory in schools?

All work and no play make Jack a dull kid." Actual instruction should be made necessary in schools on the grounds that :-  It naturally creates mindfulness about our body; a youngster from his adolescence would know right stances, right dietary patterns, the significance of sports and customary activities and so on. Actual Education and... Continue Reading →

Problems facing PIL in India – 3

Exposure under the Evil of Public Interest Litigation  There are various cases in which it has been seen that the flighty residents impede the embodiment of PIL and use it as an instrument for picking up exposure. The 'P' in PIL implies Public and not publicity. It is one of the serious issues looked in... Continue Reading →

Problems facing PIL in India – 2

About Public Interest Litigation  1.The veritable causes and instances of public interest have truth be told subsided to the foundation and reckless PIL activists everywhere on the nation have begun to play a significant however not a helpful part in the field of suit. In an ongoing case the Court while excusing an apparent PIL... Continue Reading →

Problems facing PIL in India -1

Introduction               At the time of independence, Court method was drawn from the Anglo-Saxon arrangement of statute. The greater parts of residents were uninformed of their legitimate rights and substantially less in a situation to state them. Furthermore, subsequently, there was not really any connection between the rights ensured by the Constitution of Indian Union and... Continue Reading →

Right to Constitutional Remedies

Right To Constitutional Remedies The Constitution of India accommodates Fundamental Rights to the residents of India. The Constitution producers had perceived that the Rights in themselves would not be sufficient to safeguard the individual rights gave to a resident of India. The Constitution producers subsequently accommodated Constitutional Remedies through the Constitution on account of encroachment... Continue Reading →

Retirement Homes – Pros & Cons   

The idea of retirement homes is generally new in India. Mature age homes and retirement homes are extraordinary. Retirement homes resemble typical homes in a gated network, however with additional offices on the grounds that the inhabitants are senior residents. At first, it had a shame joined to it: those lone deserted old guardians go... Continue Reading →

International Legal Principles on Corruption

With regards to state corruption, the assurance of legitimate corruption must be founded on the standards of the law of state responsibility. Unless unique guidelines exist, these standards apply to state duty emerging from infringement of human rights. However, there are no completely settled principles of corruption under worldwide law. The International Law Commission's (ILC)... Continue Reading →

Strategies to determine the issue of Renvoi

Strategies to determine issue of renvoi Without an all inclusive framework to manage renvoi, three techniques or goals have been produced for settling the issue of renvoi. These strategies are summed up as follows: First strategy Ignore the Conflict rules: Disregarding the contention rules of the second country which is alluded to by the contention... Continue Reading →

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