feminist logic

A few days back I shared this quote picture on social media and it created a storm. Since 2012, I am working against feminism by different mediums. And since then feminists have attacked me. If you go to my Facebook profile there are more than 200 shares of this quote. Some people are angry and... Continue Reading →

human wants

The human wants with few words. Basically all of us wants to alive, for this reason, we need food, clothing and shelter. But this is not the reality everyone in this world wants more, they never stay at one point. Some time it is good but some time it be worst, recognisation of good or... Continue Reading →

a problem in behalf of the suffrer

“I was born in a very Orthodox family where our marriages are arranged at the time of our birth. I was forced into the old tradition of child marriage. I always felt that people should have freedom of choosing their life partners but being young at that point of time you can’t say anything and... Continue Reading →

ex gratia : judgement

In this time of covid-19, the people of India are suffering with this fatal virus. Many citizens died, it causes many problems to their families and losses too. It is a big disaster and continuously the people are dying with this pandemic. The families who had lost their members, filed PIL (PUBLIC INTREST LITIGATION) in... Continue Reading →

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