Marine Laws

The law of Nature stated that humans have to depend on environment for their survival. Dependency is the key of continuation of cycle of environment. In simple words we can say that environment is the natural world for example the land, air and water, in which people, animals and plants live. Meanwhile on June 8th... Continue Reading →


Communication is the basic fundamental human right under the light of Article 19 by Universal declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which says each and every individual have the right to freedom of opinions and expressions. Right from the start the types of human communication evolves time to time. Letter by the post was the revolutionary... Continue Reading →

Consequences of cancellation of 12th board exams.

On 1st June, Our PM decided to cancel the board exams of the students of standard 12th. There were many review meetings were conducted between higher education authorities, CBSE (Central board of secondary Education) and Prime minister of India. Students were happy and equally unpleasant about the decision. Some parents were happy because they were... Continue Reading →

Petrol Hike

You know the four basic needs of human, Food, Shelter, Clothes & water. Looking at the daily human routine I like to add one more “essential” thing which is Petrol. Petrol is such a word that you here on a daily basis like Milk, Groceries and A pizza. It is most important for travelling from... Continue Reading →

Rainbow around the Sun.

It’s June, The monsoon month. In India it is also known as start of Rainy season. At the start of the June month there is pre monsoon rains in the presence of sunlight lead to formation rainbow in the exact opposite side the Sun. The scientific definition of the Rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that... Continue Reading →

How BCCI is unfair by unequally paying its players ?

Few days back BCCI (Board of control for in India) announced the annual player retainership 2020-2021 for both Male and Female cricketers separately. While looking at the payscale there’s a bundle of questions began to rise. Somebody said it’s a gender discrimination, somebody might say it’s a skill based division of the players all along.... Continue Reading →

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