Transgender community and property rights

The Transgender community in India is undoubtedly the foremost socially deprived in terms of marriage, property, adoption, electoral rights and so the list goes on. After the NALSA judgment, that’s the National Legal Service Authority v. Union of India the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill was taken up in the Lok Sabha in 2016... Continue Reading →

The Concept of Media Trial

Article 19(1)(a) of the constitution of India gives the right to the right to speak freely of discourse and articulation. At the end of the day, each resident has an option to the right to speak freely of discourse and articulation for example he has the privilege to communicate his perspective in any way and... Continue Reading →

Honor Killings

Social wrongdoings are fundamentally the violations that look to be put inside the setting of culture or under its head. We know as of late; there has been a spate of honor killings that has stunned the country. An "honor killing" is a homicide submitted against a person for genuine or saw "corrupt" conduct that... Continue Reading →

Dissecting Section 144 of CrPC 

One such arrangement manages the Magistrate's forces to force limitations on the non-public freedoms of individuals, regardless of whether in an explicit section or in a surpassing town itself, where matters can make distress or risk harmony and quietness in such a section, as a result of specific debates. In a word, Section 144 presents... Continue Reading →

The Fundamental Right to Marriage (LGBTQ+)

'Love will be Love'. It isn't only from time to time that we go over this expression in our day-to-day routines and via online media. It infers that adoration, regardless of who it thrives between, is love. All affection is equivalent and merits equivalent regard.  The decriminalization of Section 377 by the Supreme Court of... Continue Reading →

Women and Adultery

As Christine Mason Miller once said, "out of the blue you have the ability to say this isn't the way the story will end."  In the recent judgment by the Hon'ble Justice Srinivas Harish Kumar, Karnataka High Court, dated June 17 June, (Criminal Petition 2148/2021), wherein, issue before the seat was, regardless of whether the... Continue Reading →

Live-in Relationships and societal pressure

Several years prior, following 14 year long live-in relationship, Ramesh Gope, and Manonit Kerketta chose to at long last get hitched. In the ancestral social orders of Jharkhand called "Dhuku" marriage, a lady and man can get into a live-in relationship without a wedding. In this unique situation, this article will shed conclusions on the... Continue Reading →

Right to Information in India 

The Right to Information Bill 2000 was presented in the parliament on 25th July 2000, there have been prior occasions where a recommendation of a comparable subject has been moved into the house, and this follows back to as ahead of schedule as in 1966 when the Press Council of India arranged the draft bill... Continue Reading →

Tukaram and Another v. State of Maharashtra (Mathura Rape Case)

Introduction The scandalous instance of Tukaram and Another v. Territory of Maharashtra, all the more ordinarily known as the Mathura Assault Case, started off fervency and uncurbed struggles, prompting revolutionary changes in the circle of assault laws administering India. This case saw the issue of custodial assault of a little youngster named Mathura. The Judgment... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus and Indian Federalism

Introduction  Gotten from the Latin word Foedus, the specific idea of India's 'government', multi-level arrangement of administration, with a division of the leader and authoritative force between the Center and States, has consistently been a disputed matter, with shifted schools of bureaucratic nation spreading particularly various thoughts. When contrasted with the American model of federalism,... Continue Reading →

Right To Property And Maintenance

As the rich legacy and customary upsides of the Muslim and Christian culture have prevailed with regards to safeguarding the restrictions on sexual relations (despite the attack of the advanced society the socially acceptable sexual behaviors have pretty much been saved), the issue of wrongness is as of now not disturbing in India (in spite... Continue Reading →

Sui Generis Position of Karta of Joint Family

List of Cases Chandra Kishore v. Nanak Chand AIR 1975 Del 175 Ghuia Devi v. Shyamlal Mandal AIR 1974 Pat 68 Jugal Kishore Baldeo Sahai v. CIT (1967) 63 ITR 238 Dr. Gopal v. Trimbak AIR 1953 Bother 195 Dev Kishan v. Slam Kishan AIR 2002 Raj 370 CIT v Gangadhar Sikaria Family Trust (1983)... Continue Reading →

Same Sex Marriage

Introduction Right around two years back, homosexuality was decriminalized in the notable judgment by the Supreme Court of India on account of Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India. Albeit this reformist judgment brings about certain different inquiries that have stayed unanswered in regards to homosexuality that arrangement with same-sex relationships. India doesn't perceive same-sex... Continue Reading →

Forswearing of Entry of Women to Religious Shrines: Constitutional Analysis 

In the Sabrimala Case, Rule 3(b) of Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorization of Entry) Rules 1965, denied ladies of discharging age from going into the Sabrimala sanctuary in understanding to an advanced age custom. The sanctuary specialists contended that the Sabrimala Temple was worked to serve a specific strict category, which conceded them... Continue Reading →

The extent of section 188 of the Indian Penal code 

Crises and catastrophes, by and large toss extraordinary difficulties to the public authority due to their flightiness. Anything that might be different prerequisites yet the reaction should incorporate a planned methodology between the legislatures at the neighborhood, state, and association levels.The current circumstance requests no not exactly this. A couple of days back, the Prime... Continue Reading →

Premature delivery of Fast Track Justice 

The remark of Justice A.S. Anand, previous Chief Justice of India and Chairman National Human Rights Commission that the absolution choice in Best Bakery preliminary by a most optimized plan of attack court as 'unsuccessful labor of equity, isn't bound to simply that case just, however, can be stretched out to the whole system of... Continue Reading →

The ascent of savagery against women

In the larger part of cases, the issue under the steady gaze of the court may not be of brutality against ladies. Albeit, a past filled with brutality might be seen from a conversation of the foundation of certain cases. It can turn into a focal piece of the setting of the case. The essential... Continue Reading →

The death penalty a Deterrence or Injustice? 

Lawful Aspect of the death penalty  As been talked about over the legitimacy of the death penalty faces the greatest test that it is infringing upon the right to life, the very explosion against the death penalty starts with this dispute. Yet, in the event that we circumspectly analyze article 21 of the constitution of... Continue Reading →

Cold War’s Impact On Nato And Warsaw Pact

Introduction At the hour of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States battled one next to the other as partners against the Axis powers. Regardless, the connection between the Soviet Union and the United States was a strained one. Americans had for quite a while been careful about Soviet socialism and had... Continue Reading →

Right to die

In the coming of diving into what has spread out into quite possibly the most disputable issue that could have gigantic consequences on fundamental moral ideas and in particular, the sacredness of life... The valuable expressions of Thomas Jefferson strike a chord."The care of human existence and joy and not their obliteration is the sole... Continue Reading →

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