Is Happiness Proportional to Income

Money is the root of all evils but without money life cannot be dreamt of. Not only today but since time immemorable, money has been of importance. It is a means of transaction. Everything that is sold in the markets can be purchased with money. Money is proportional to happiness but along with it other... Continue Reading →

Tort Law in India: Inefficient Utilization

Law of torts or civil wrong is an under-construction concept for most underdeveloped and developing countries like India itself. Due to its uncodified nature, its viability is constantly under question rather more than once helping it drift away to a box of its pre-existing fellow un-noticed rights. Let's take a look at why the Civilians... Continue Reading →

Channelizing Youth Power for Nation-Building

The youth of a nation are the foundation head of its idealism. The young men and women can provide a new moral impetus to India. They can bring a new moral awakening or moral rejuvenation. Youth is that wonderful time in life when energy is limitless, human creativity is at its best and the 'never... Continue Reading →

Gutkha could lead you to Cancer!

Pan Masala or smokeless tobacco is a silent killer which has made many people its victims. It is reigning supreme. It is cancer in a pocket. One ought not to be fooled by pan masala luring advertisements. What is purported to be harmless mouth freshener, a simple mouth loading snack is actually very addictive and... Continue Reading →

Capital Punishment hangs the criminal, not the crime

I raise a question today- What is the purpose of punishment? Is it to root out the crime or just to rehabilitate the criminal. The advocates of human rights say that capital punishment violates the human right and right to life. It is a legal process in which a person is hanged to death as... Continue Reading →

Honor Killings- Manoj and Babli Case

Manoj and Babli from Karora town in Kaithal locale were severely killed by Babli's family members in June 2007, on the diktats of a khap panchayat for wedding in the equivalent gotra. In March 2010, a Karnal region court granted capital punishment to five of Babli's relatives — her sibling Suresh, uncles Rajender and Baru... Continue Reading →

Pre and Post Demonetization

8th Nov. 2016 was a death knoll for the black knights who hoarded money. Black money was so much in use that it had become very important for the government to tighten the noose around the wrong doers who did not pay taxes and swindled the money just around the very noses of the government... Continue Reading →

Every cloud has a silver lining

“Whatever happens outside, the ‘sanctity’ of a heteronormative family is always preserved in our prejudiced patriarchal society.”  I assume that it is due to this very reason that Mainstream Hindi Cinema does not focus on making the Silver screen a mode to break stereotyping, caricatures and myths about LGBTQ community. However, Art films must receive... Continue Reading →

Am I a Joke to You and the World?

“Memories are the architecture of our identi[ties]”. We all depend upon a feeling of familiarity with the evolving world that is within and outside us. The essence of this sense of familiarity accompanied with the world, is the way we think we are. Memories, not always immediately personal yet significant to our identity remind us... Continue Reading →

Need to Protect Country’s Monuments

A country’s richness is defined by its history. India having a vast history can be counted in one of the richest countries in the world. The standing monuments of a country are the evidence of a country’s rich history, thus their protection is the need of the hour. India has an enormous amount of monuments... Continue Reading →

An Internal War: A Letter to my Father

I still remember that glitter in your eyes when I donned the clothes and behavior of your choice. But today when I speak my mind, wear what I want to wear, read romantic novels because I like that genre, when I started exploring  myself hidden in the layers of societal expectations and pretence that very... Continue Reading →

Child Labor- A Curse to Childhood

You can’t regulate child labor.You can’t regulate slavery.Some things are wrong.- Michael Moore When a child works a nation is put to shame. India has a dubious character as thousands of children work in dhabas as servers, in houses as domestic helpers, or as baby-sitters. They often are excellent scavengers scrounging through garbage finding wonders... Continue Reading →

India’s Independence and What it Means to me?

India’s Independence was not easyFor everyone got busyFighting for FreedomAgainst Surfdom! Independence is the most important fundamental right for the human beings and our Constitution has provided this right to each and every citizen of the country. I feel independent as we have the right to participate in the democratic process of India. We can... Continue Reading →

Problems faced by Students in Today’s Competitive Environment

A flower does not think of competingWith a flower next to it,It just blooms! This article is in concerned with the stress and burden on the students in today’s competitive world and the various problems they encounter in career selections even though they are sufficiently qualified. It’s true that competition motivates us and keeps us... Continue Reading →

The silent woman: A tale of half-wife

One should not beg for thingsThat should be freely given, likeLove & affection! Ismat Chughtai’s Lihaaf challenged the traditional female features of obedience, abstinence and modesty in a patriarchal society and empathized womanhood with feelings and dreams. It was one of the few tales that revolve round complicated lady characters with goals and sexual desires,... Continue Reading →


Section 111 in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, the good faith of a sale by a client to an attorney is in question in a suit brought by the client. The burden of proving the good faith of the transaction is on the attorney.  Section 111 is a general provision and is not confined to contracts. There is a related... Continue Reading →

Importance of “Anonymous Complaints Regarding Corruption”

According to Commission’s circular No.07/11/2014 dated 25.11.2014; no action should be taken on anonymous/pseudonymous complaints and such complaints should be filed. Anonymous complaints are those grievances which don't convey name and address of the complainant. Pseudonymous complaints convey obscure charges and now and at times fractional data of the complainant. There is no compelling reason... Continue Reading →

PINK- A blazing indictment of all that’s wrong with us!

Pink is a social Bollywood thriller directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury released in 2016. The film revolves around three independent working girls stuck falsely in a courtroom trial. Minal is a sexual assault victim who is unjustly tried for attempt to murder of a man named Rajveer with a strong political background, and is defended... Continue Reading →

‘The World Before Her’

How easy is it to label something as ‘liberal’ or ‘regressive’? Mostly, it isn’t as black and white as one hope. The whole phenomenon is quite grey and is tangled with contradictions. The Indian Canadian writer and director Nisha Pahuja explores these ironies in her critically acclaimed documentary ‘The World before Her’. The documentary follows... Continue Reading →

Presumption under Section 304b of IPC

Dowry is a social evil in the society that has caused impossible torments and violations towards women. The evil has taken lives of ladies from all classes of society - be it poor, working class or the rich. It is a direct result of the share framework, that girls are not esteemed as much as... Continue Reading →

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