Causing Death with the consent of the deceased-Euthanasia and its Constitutional Validity

Throughout history, numerous tribes or civilizations have adopted euthanasia in some form or another. In some circumstances, it was thought acceptable in ancient Greece and Rome to aid in another person's death or to execute them. For instance, infants with serious birth abnormalities were executed at the Greek city of Sparta. Several ancient civilizations accepted... Continue Reading →


In India's Courts of Judicial Magistrate First Class, "Hurt" cases make up a significant portion of criminal proceedings at the moment. For instance, crimes punishable by Sections 323, 324, and 326 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Without these cases, there would be no criminal court. The words "hurt" can also mean "influence damage to,"... Continue Reading →

Causing Death by Negligence

When it comes to dealing with crimes, India's criminal justice system adheres to the Indian Penal Code. The Indian Penal Code's structure manages crime via justice and retribution. Due to the impact of English Law, Section 299 of the original Indian Penal Code had provisions for culpable homicide. Any act or physical injury committed by... Continue Reading →


A woman may have physical and mental exhaustion after experiencing pregnancy loss (also known as a miscarriage), especially if it was brought on by another person or people. In such circumstances, the lady may desire to bring legal action against the person or people who caused her miscarriage. Unquestionably, such individuals might face penalties under... Continue Reading →


Any man who witnesses or photographs a woman performing a private act in circumstances where she would typically expect that she would not be observed, either by the perpetrator or by any other person at the perpetrator's direction, or who distributes such an image, shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description... Continue Reading →


In no place does the Indian Penal Code, 1860, define the term "suicide." It is a self-inflicted or self-intentional human act to stop (ending). Simply put, it is an act of self-murder or self-killing. The act of intentionally taking one's own life or taking one's own life is known as suicide. Suicide is defined as... Continue Reading →


Any act that is carried out with the intent or knowledge to cause death and under conditions that would result in culpable homicide rather than murder. He will be punished with either type of imprisonment for a term that can last up to three years, a fine, or both. If the act injures someone, he... Continue Reading →


1) Any male who— stalking is the act of following a woman and making repeated attempts to get in touch with her for romantic purposes despite her obvious lack of interest; it also includes keeping track on how she uses the internet, email, or any other kind of electronic communication. With the caveat that such... Continue Reading →


One of the most violent crimes to occur is an acid assault. It may surprise you to learn that it is extremely typical in South Asia. The nations having the most acid attack instances are Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Women are the victims of these crimes most often. Sulfuric and nitric acid sales that are... Continue Reading →

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