B- Balancing is the Key to Sucess

Many a times a lot of people had been asking me, If Career is Important for a woman or Getting Married. I was always focused in life and I always had the hunger to achieve something that is my own. This Hunger was clearly visible to everyone, so the number of times that I have... Continue Reading →

Know how the Tape Industry survived with Mrs. Sarika Rajgaria

The Pandemic has been hard on all industries. Everyone has been finding it difficult to survive, we have been constantly talking about the Education Industry, Food Industry, Service Industry and the other essential industry. But what about those Industries, which are not termed as Essential but yes they do help in binding the essential industry... Continue Reading →

Age – Unapologetic Me – #BlogchatterA2Z

Behave your Age. What you are doing does not suit you. Are you out of your mind ?You are no longer 18 to do all this. Who will take care of your husband and kids, if you go to work ?You want to do business at this age ? are you sure ?said by all... Continue Reading →

Theme Reveal – Unapologetic Me- #A2ZBlogchatterchallenge2021

In the last 10 years of my professional life, I have restarted my career atleast thrice. I do not claim to be an expert on this subject, neither am I a sucessful super hotshot. I am still a struggling woman, whose dreams and desires keep on increasing day by day. Professionally speaking, I am a... Continue Reading →

If you want justice, do not upload on Social Media

The Zomato incidence is a recent case, wherein the victim had first used Social Media to express her grevience. The Banglore incident is one of the recent cases, wherein the victim instead of filing an official Police Complaint first, made a video and posted it on Social Media. Even on Social Media, there is a... Continue Reading →

Mom and Co

I recently came across a beautiful Mini Series Called as Mom and Co. It is a beautiful mini-series about a middle class Mom and Son, who start a venture together, called as Aai's Kitchen. The story is a beautiful journey of Aditya and His Mom and their journey in their maiden journey called as Aai's... Continue Reading →

The impact of the Digital Wave

As the web was effectively accessible and open; Indian saw an enormous blast in the area of web based business; from the most fundamental everyday things to rich things all were made accessible through the online medium, which can be effortlessly bought with only a couple taps on the screen of a cell phone. Simultaneously,... Continue Reading →

Being Childfree can also be an option for couples.

Motherhood Completes a Woman, the number of times that we have heard this quote cannot be counted. Somehow the world thinks that it is perfectly normal for them to identify a woman with the relationship that she has with her close ones. From the time a woman is married, she is asked by her family... Continue Reading →

How Money can buy time

I recently came across this post on Linkedin. Even though I hate to admit it, could not have agreed more with the author. Hereunder is the tweet that was made by Shailaja Patel. It is true that we all have 24 hours in a day and it also depends on how we maximise the same... Continue Reading →

Cyberbullying 5

Instances of Cyber bullying As internet has created in the course of the most recent twenty years, cyber bullying has become an undeniably bigger issue. The enormous fame of cell phones, different texting applications, and the ascent of web-based media have opened up an ever-developing number of ways for cyber bullies to hurt their objectives.... Continue Reading →

Role of Parle – G in my life

Yes, ideally a person would write a long post about any product only if it is an integral part of our lives, or we have been asked to promote the same. But today, I am going to write about my favourite food since childhood. This buiscuit and I share N Number of memories together. A... Continue Reading →

Family during lockdown

The pandemic has changed the way our relationships have evolved in the last few days. Unfortunately, it is not treating everyone the same way. While, some of us have been lucky enough to have food, clothing and shelter, some of us are not that fortunate. At presently, I reside with my husband, kids and in-laws... Continue Reading →

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