U – Understand Others – Unapologetic Me – #blogchatterA2Z

Empathy is a factor, which we are not taught in our school days. Understanding everyone around you is very important. Communication, is the most essential skill set for every individual who wants to survive well with his peers. Just because you are working full time, does not give you the liberty to be strict with... Continue Reading →

What we can do to curb Covid spread

I have started spending less time on social media until and unless it is nothing urgent. Social Media was something that I used to see to destress myself but these days it only adds upto to my anxiety. The way news channels report news, we feel that all of us are going to die any... Continue Reading →

T – Take Care – Unapologetic Me – #BlogchatterA2Z

Your Health should be your biggest priority. Unfortunately, when we women take care of our health, we are often termed as selfish. Taking care of one's health should not be an option. It should be your priority. A person taking care of their health can also reduce the burden on other family members. When I... Continue Reading →

S – Small do not things matter ? – #Unapologetic Me – #BlogchatterA2Z

A lot of times, we are often discouraged due to small incidents in our lives. Small incidents have forced us to take major decisions in our lives. I am sure many women will relate to this situation. Maid is always late. You end up being overwhelmed and reach late to office. The entire house and... Continue Reading →

R – Reinvent – Unapologetic Me – #BlogchatterA2Z

Only the fittest and those who can adapt to the changing circumstances of the World will survive because change is the only thing that is constant in this World. You may have been a Gold Medalist or a Valedictorian in your college days but that does not mean that you are uptodate with the present... Continue Reading →

Q – Ask Questions #BlogchatterA2Z – Unapologetic Me

Since our childhood, we have been told that asking Questions is bad manners. Anybody, who questions the practices or God Forbid, questions the elders, then that person is considered as a bad company. Since childhood, little boys are not allowed to question their elders. Forget about the plight of little girls and women. Yes, most... Continue Reading →

P – Figure out your Priorities

Getting your priorities has always been a challenge. A lot of times for us Women, our priorities have revolved around the priorities of others. We have always been told that as women if you think about your own priorities you are a selfish person and a selfish person does not belong to a family set... Continue Reading →

O- Grab the Opportunity

I gave up on a lot of opportunities because I was not sure about my priorities. A lot of times, we let go smaller opportunities because we are still waiting for the right one. Sometimes, grabbing smaller opportunities is also important. When you are a woman especially who is returning back from your maternity break... Continue Reading →

N- Learn to say No – #blogchatterA2Z

Even though I am writing this blog, honestly, even today, it is a challenge for me to say No to everyone. I end up getting overburdened everytime because I cannot say no to the people close to me. Saying no without hurting the front persons sentiment or ego is a big challenge, and that is... Continue Reading →

M – Every Minute Counts – #BlogchatterA2Z2021

When you are a mother who is working from home, forget about getting special time, wherein you can pursue your hobby at your free time. When you are a mother, every single minute counts. We know how much that one minute of extra sleep counts. We know how much that one peaceful moment of extra... Continue Reading →

L – Learn New Things – #BlogchatterA2ZChallenge2021

Learning is a continuous process, which should be carried on till the end of your life. Even though you may not be able to rejoin your career immediately, but do not forget to keep learning. Remember, when you wanted to do a part time course on niche topic, or the time, when you wanted to... Continue Reading →

K – Keep Delegating work – #BlogchatterA2Z

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Quiet often women are judged for taking help from those near them. Help can be from your family members, hiring a nanny or dropping your kids at creche. It is next to impossible for a woman to do everything herself. Stop falling into the trap of... Continue Reading →

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