Waiver of IPR During Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic hit humanity hard since March of 2020 till present. Countries took up various measures to combat the spread and to take care of those who got affected due to the virus. A ray of hope that arose after nearly a year of research was the vaccine to prevent corona from affecting the... Continue Reading →

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and its developments.

Abortion has been, and continues to remain, one of the most heated debates in the world. The trend of legalising abortions started in 1920 with Vladimir Lenin legalising abortion in the Soviet Union bringing, as of 2012, almost 75% of the world population to have the "Right to Abortion". India was a pioneer in introducing... Continue Reading →

State list and the responsibility of the States.

The Constitution of India classifies certain functions to be performed separately by the Central government and the State government. Such functions of the respective governments are provided in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution. The Seventh schedule establishes three lists: Union List - The Union or central government has power over the topics mentioned in... Continue Reading →

The Baba Ramdev Controversy.

Swami Ramdev, also known as Baba Ramdev, is an Indian ayurvedic practitioner and businessman primarily known for his popularising Yoga and Ayurveda in India. He is the main face and the owner of Patanjali enterprises. Baba Ramdev is a religiously influencial idol who has more or less associated himself with ayurvedic field of curing diseases.... Continue Reading →

Drone Control in India.

A Drone usually refers to any unpiloted aircraft. Often referred to as Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), these drones can carry out a wide variety of tasks ranging from military operations to package delivery. Drones can be as large as an aircraft or as small as one’s palm. Drones may not have to always be autonomous... Continue Reading →

The Right to Privacy: A myth?

The right to privacy is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of India. Such a right is not specifically mentioned in the constitution but the Supreme Court of India being the guardian of the Constitution has on multiple occasions added various facets that are essential to uphold the right to life and liberty enshrined... Continue Reading →

Good Samaritan Laws for Animals

A Good Samaritan is a person who, in good faith, without expectation of payment or reward and without any duty of care or special relationship, voluntarily comes forward to administer immediate assistance or emergency care to a person injured in an accident, crash, emergency medical condition or an emergency situation. The whole idea of bringing... Continue Reading →

Preventive Detention and UAPA

Preventive detention is the curtailing of a person or a group of persons from carrying out an act that they would do otherwise which would amount to a crime being committed. Preventive detention and its regulation is given in the constitution under Article 22. It states that an individual who is arrested and detained shall... Continue Reading →

Prashant Bhushan Case: Contempt or Controversy?

On 31st August 2020, the Supreme Court of India held Prashant Bhushan guilty after taking suo motu cognisance under the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971. Prashant Bhushan is a lawyer who specializes in PIL or Public Interest Litigation cases at the apex court of India.  Prashant Bhushan on 24th June 2020 had used twitter as... Continue Reading →

ASHA workers and their dilemma

An Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker in a health worker performing his duties under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). This project was started in 2005 wherein the aim was to localize healthcare and its information. ASHA workers are not doctors but are trained in basic first aid techniques and have knowledge... Continue Reading →

Constitutionalism in India

Constitutionalism is "a compound of ideas, attitudes, and patterns of behavior elaborating the principle that the authority of government derives from and is limited by a body of fundamental law". Constitutionalism is an important concept. It differs from the Constitution. Every country has the Constitution but a country may not have Constitutionalism. A country where... Continue Reading →

Covid and Jails in India

A deadly COVID second wave has engulfed India, and the failure of the country’s healthcare infrastructure has led to the mounting death toll. The official number of deaths caused by COVID-19 in India till May 14, 2021, crossed 2.58 lakhs, but according to a report by the University of Washington, the death toll numbers are... Continue Reading →

E- Waste and its management in India

E-waste is the waste generated due to the disposal of electronic items or goods. E-waste can simply also be defined as those items that have some sort of circuitry in them that can perform tasks upon passage of electricity through them. The production of E-waste is directly proportional to the amount of electronic goods being... Continue Reading →

Different Theories of Punishment in India

Punishment is the act of imposing an unpleasant and undesirable act on a group or an individual. Punishment is a wide concept that has been used since time immemorial. The concept of punishment stems from the sense of justice. Legally, Punishment is given by a person in authority for various reasons. As civilisations grew and... Continue Reading →

Lays and its IPR Problems in India

Lay’s chips is a popular snack among several households in India. With a market cap value of $16.3 billion as of end of the financial year 2019-20, the special chips and the secret flavors used in making this products holds high value for the American MNC. PepsiCo is an American MNC formed in 1965 with... Continue Reading →

Implications of a National Emergency During Covid

A national emergency is a period during which the normal constitutional provisions do not apply across the nation. There is an altered system used as per the convenience of the Centre and provisions provided under the Constitution. The governmental system changes from a federal one to a unitary one. Such emergency is explained under Article... Continue Reading →

Censorship of OTT Content

Over the Top or OTT platforms are a means of broadcasting media content on a large scale to people who may or may not have subscription to the specific service. It is very much similar to the concept of the television in the sense that the same technology is needed to access the media. However,... Continue Reading →

Sources of Law In India

Sources of law in India. Laws are the primary framework on which any function is carried out. Other synonyms for the word law can be rules, regulations, orders, ordinances etc. as per article 13 of the Indian Constitution. The basic meaning of a law is that it is a guideline or a set of boundaries... Continue Reading →

My journey to a law school and the legal career.

Ever since I was enrolled in kindergarten by my parents, I’ve been asked numerous amount of times what my ambition was.  At first I would answer a scientist because of all the cartoons that depicted scientists to be cool but later on it changed to cricketer, footballer and even a geologist after I watched the... Continue Reading →

How I handled Online Classes Last Semester

Online classes have been the go to solution for education in the past one year. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the education system and the stakeholders of said system are confused as to when, what and how the teaching should be done. While most colleges, schools and others educational institutions took the approach of online... Continue Reading →

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