What is the meaning of Import

Foreign trade involves the import and export of goods. Imports, exports, and the foreign trade balance are all included in the term "foreign trade," which is stated differently for commodities and services. As abstracts of products and services, the total imports, exports, and balance of international trade are presented. As a result, money from the... Continue Reading →

What is the meaning of Export

Exports are products and services that a nation manufactures at home and sells to clients or corporations abroad. As a result, the nation selling the products and services sees an increase in revenue. Businesses may decide to export their goods and services to another nation since doing so enables them to: Increase RevenueParticipate in the... Continue Reading →

What is Special Economic Zone

Introduction A special economic zone (SEZ) is a portion of a nation that has distinct economic rules than other parts of the same nation. Foreign direct investment is often encouraged by and attracted by the SEZ economic policies (FDI). Any expenditure made by a company or person into commercial interests situated in another nation is... Continue Reading →

What is Offshore Banking Unit

A bank shell branch that is situated in another global financial hub is known as an offshore banking unit (OBU). Let’s say, that example a London-based bank has a Delhi branch. When offshore banking units take deposits from foreign banks and other OBUs, they lend money on the Eurocurrency market. Money kept in banks that... Continue Reading →

Who can Transfer a Property

Introduction On July 1st, 1882, the Transfer of Property Act went into effect. The country's property transfers are governed by this law. Regarding the components and terms of a transfer, it provides particular provisions. This act's main goal is to clarify and update the legislation governing the transfer of property via the actions of parties... Continue Reading →

Basic rules relating to Transfer of Property

Introduction The Transfer of Property Act went into effect on July 1st, 1882. In line with the rules controlling its descent upon death, it regulates the laws regulating the transfer of property amongst persons who are still alive. It also completes the real estate section of the code of contract law. This Act does not... Continue Reading →

Sub Tenant

An individual who has permission to use and inhabit rental home that a renter has leased from a landlord is known as a subtenant. Both the owner and the landlord have expectations of a subtenant. Before renting a room a property to a sub lesser, a tenant frequently needs the owner's permission. Rent to the... Continue Reading →

Things that cannot be held as Immovable Property

Immovable Property Meaning According to several sources and popular understanding, moveable property includes items like jewellery, watches, laptops, cash, and more. Both Section 12(36) of the General Clause Act of 1847 and the Transfer of Property Act of 1882 refer to "movable property." Movable property is defined as "any corporeal property, save land and items... Continue Reading →

Biography of Justice Poonam A. Bamba

Justice Poonam A. Bamba was born on the 1st of September, 1961 in Delhi and did her schooling there. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Botany from Hansraj College, Delhi University, in 1980. She completed her LL.B. in 1983 and her LL.M. in 1988 from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University.... Continue Reading →

Biography of Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma

Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma was born in 1968, graduated with a B.A. (Hons.) in English Literature in 1988, completed her LLB in the year 1991 and was endowed with an excellent academic record at all levels. She became a Magistrate at the age of 24 and a Sessions Judge the day she turned 35. She... Continue Reading →

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